NPD Hosts “Mustaches for a Cause” for Sick Reserve Police Officer


Officer Flint Greer, a Level III, Reserve Officer with the Natchitoches Police Department (NPD) recently learned that he had a large brain tumor which required immediate removal. Within days of receiving this devastating information physicians scheduled Officer Greer for surgery at a Texas Medical Facility. As a result of his condition he is required to undergo many weeks of radiation and chemo therapy. In an effort to offset unexpected expenses associated with his condition, Chief of Police, Micky Dove, authorized “Mustaches for a Cause” which allows all male and female employees to make a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) donation. All male employees are allowed to grow facial hair however the facial hair must be neatly trimmed and groomed. Furthermore, any female employee within the Records and Communications’ Divisions wishing to participate shall be allowed wear jeans with their uniform shirts. All employees shall be required to maintain a professional appearance throughout the duration of the event.

Officer Greer is one of many NPD Reserve Officers who regularly serve our community contributing a minimal of twenty (20) volunteer hours per month to this police department. He is a young man with courage and sincerity who has maintained a positive outlook and is looking forward to returning back to the police department. All our thoughts and prayers remain with him and we ask you our citizens to keep him in mind because the power of prayer remains in the one who hears it.

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  1. Proud of NPD doing this! May God bless you and your family, Officer Greer! We wish you a speedy recovery!

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