The Storm’s End, The Work’s Beginning

By Maggie Harris, VP of Operations

There is no force of nature more unpredictable than a tornado. The transition from unnerving stillness to the deafening shriek like a nightmarish train thundering above will undoubtedly trigger the adrenaline rush of terror from anyone and everyone. The massive, broken trail of destruction that follows even the smallest of tornados leaves homeowners devastated. There are stomach turning sights around every corner of what was once someone’s place of absolute safety and warmth. The homeowner sees the result of a lifetime of hard work reduced to debris; and the road to another orderly, intact home is a long and difficult one.

When a contractor wakes up at 4 AM to go out to assess the damages to his or her neighbors’ homes, it is always a struggle to find the right words to say to the people who await them. People have lost not only their homes, but also their memories and in some cases their livelihoods. A contractor walking up to a family who has just had their house made unlivable by disaster instinctively knows that no matter how quickly they can complete the work or how expert of a job they do, the home will never be exactly as it once was. This line of work truly requires not just a servant’s hands, but also a servant’s heart. The round the clock phone calls, being at work from long before the sun rises and getting home well after dark, the constant fight for fairness with insurance companies is all old hat to a seasoned general contractor.

Truly, this line of work is not for everyone. It is difficult, and it is draining, physically and emotionally. However, the work is wholly rewarding. There is immense satisfaction to be had from the gratitude of a homeowner when, upon completion of the job (which will always feel like at long last, no matter if it was a span of days or months) they are able to reenter the peace of their own home.

For those affected by the most recent storm, our hearts go out to you. Smith Global Roofing Solutions and Contracting Services, LLC will be right there with you, shifting through the confusion and frustration, and will work tirelessly to make sure that you are taken care of. We are a licensed and insured general contractor, who can provide roofing solutions and contracting services. Contact us at 318-332-2526.