School Board approves bonds, talks district rating, congratulates FFA students

NPSB Cover 11-08-18

The Natchitoches Parish School Board met Nov. 8. One agenda item was the approval of a resolution to recognize and approve the execution of the Bond Purchase Agreement and Official Statement regarding the issuance and sale of General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2018, of School District No. 9 of Natchitoches Parish.

They received an update from the bond underwriters that were able to pay the school board $20,578,000 to buy $19,750,000 worth of bonds at a 3.72% rate of interest. There were 20 different investors and the underwriters said they were pleased with the outcome even thought hey hit some headwinds. There was almost $4 million left at the end that they bought themselves. The representative said they should have the money next week.

Superintendent Dale Skinner addressed the fact that annual school and district letter grades were released Nov. 8. The natchitoches Parish School District dropped from a B to a C rating. This is due to changes on the state level on how schools and districts are rated.

On average performance indexes will drop between 15-25 points. Advanced stayed at 150 points. Mastery dropped from 125 to 100 points. Basic dropped from 100 to 80 points. This means school and district performance scores that have previously been middle to low A’s will be B’s under the new formula and scores that were usually middle or low B’s will be C’s. The formula will make it harder for schools and school districts to earn an A or B rating.

“We’re disappointed, but we were expecting it,” said Skinner.

The NCHS FFA Agronomy team visited with the School Board to share the good news that it accomplished one of the most remarkable feats that any FFA member can attempt—they have earned the title of National Champions at the 91st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Board members also heard from Nicole Hall, program director for Head Start in Rapides, which is run under the International Agency- Save the Children. This agency asked the School Board to submit a letter of support for a proposed collaboration between the Natchitoches Parish Head Start and Save the Children.

Another visitor to the meeting was Kelly Jackson who informed board members of her 1st Annual Cane River Film Festival, which will be held next year.

Agenda items included:

Award bid for timber harvesting

Award bid for synthetic track conversion at Lakeview

4 thoughts on “School Board approves bonds, talks district rating, congratulates FFA students

  1. A synthetic track at Lakeviee? Are you serious! Academics take a back seat to a track. Teachers lacking supplies and books and you want a track renovation? No wonder student scores are low. Teachers have to pay for their own mileage expenses while the Superintendent gets a travel allowance! Teachers needing pay raises and you want a damn track! What idiot listed this as a priority?

    • I have to agree.I think sports should come second to an education,this
      is a ridiculous waste of money.Why not give teachers raises or bonuses ? why should a teacher spend out of their pocket when they don’t even make a lot ? If the school board is fortunate enough to come across money they need to reward the “teachers” not the track team or the public who may walk on it on weekends.Why not ask for donations,or car wash or some other way to help pay for sports,hell I’ve heard of schools in trouble financially talk of closing down sports programs.

  2. Throwing good money after bad! The scores dropped because they were propped up last year. This is just a shell game. Why would you give 20M to a system that has proven to be fiscally irresponsible and academically a failure?

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