City receives new website, widget and Christmas set pieces

Chairman Van Erikson updated members of the Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission (NHDDC) on marketing plans for the City at a meeting Nov. 15. With the launch of the new City website scheduled for around Nov. 30 ( the NHDDC is looking to fund the implementation of a widget (up to $6,500) through a company called Visit Widget.

The widget provides an RSS feed which pulls in events from other business and organization calendars so they can be found all in one place. There’s an App component as well, which would help visitors plan their trip to Natchitoches based on what events are coming up.

It also offers geo fencing, beacons and push notifications. Beacons would alert visitors to ongoing special inside stores as they walk by them. Push notifications would alert them to any schedule changes for events or festivals.

“This widget and App system would help out with a lack of finding information in real time,” said Van. “It would make Natchitoches more accessible to visitors.”

In other news, Sandra Dickens with the Historic District Business Association (HDBA) informed the commission of snafu that occurred with the reindeer for the Turn on the Holidays event this Saturday.

The Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner wouldn’t allow the reindeer to cross state lines, so the HDBA had to find one that was a “Louisiana resident.” Turn on the Holidays wasn’t the only event that was affected by this.

Janna Jenkins let everyone know that Bloomin’ and Art Along the Bricks will be moved to March 23.

Jim Rhodes said the Cane River Waterway Commission approved a $60,000 feasibility study for dredging Cane River Lake north of the Church Street Bridge. Residents may notice a barge in the river, but it’s just collecting soil samples as part of the study.

Edd Lee mentioned that the City brought the Clementine Hunter zinnia set piece out of storage and installed it in City Park on the corner of Amulet and Second Street. The manger scene set piece on the riverbank was rebuilt for this year’s Christmas Festival and new set pieces include one for the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (LSMSA) and the Central Louisiana Technical Community College (CLTCC).

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  1. I am a resident and I wouldn’t go to the festival,its a huge tourist trap .It was
    once fun back in the 80s when there wasn’t a charge to get on bank and you could trailer beer around in wagon,now its all about the dollar .

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