LSMSA Theatre Repertory Company performs “Antigone”

ALSMSA-Photo taken by Collin Serigne ('19)

On Nov. 8-11, the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts (LSMSA) presented four performances of the Sophokles play “Antigone” in LSMSA’s Black Box Theatre, located in the school’s Center for Performance and Technology. The play was performed by the LSMSA Theatre Repertory Company.

Students who acted in the play were:

Anne Marie Higginbotham (’19), in the role of Antigone.
Chris Comeaux (’19), in the role of Kreon.
Lauren Mathews (’20), in the role of Ismene.
Camren Hohn (’19), in the role of Haimon.
Cydnie Andrepont (’19), in the role of Guard.
Caroline Adkins (’19), in the role of Teiresias.
Kaitlyn Thompson (’20), in the role of Messenger.
Sydney Sorbet (’20), in the role of Eurydike.
Caroline Koonce (’19), in the role of Chorus.
Arden Miller (’19), in the role of Chorus.

Technical crew students were: Donavan Dowden (’19), Caroline Koonce (’19), Mei Scott (’19), Esther Seo (’19), Casey Tonnies (’19), Max Anderson (’21), Reagan Brown (’21), Derek Dupre (’20), Ryan Guidry (’21), Kayla Olson (’21), Addie Soileau (’21), Kayu Southichark (’19), Abi LeBlanc (’19), Marisa Moreno (’21), and Mary Hutson (’21).

“In this translation, Thebes has just emerged intact from the ashes of war,” said Scott Theriot, LSMSA’s director of theatre. “Kreon, the newly crowned king, has decreed death for anyone who attempts bury the corpse of Polyneikes, the brother to Antigone and son to Oedipus.

“In ‘Antigone,’ the title character is determined to see her brother honored with a burial, and Kreon is determined to preserve order no matter the cost.”

The play was based off a modern translation by renowned poet Anne Carson. Students involved in the play had worked all semester prior to the show’s performance.

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  1. When you say Eurydike do you mean Euridice? I’ve never seen it spelled that way. Or is it not the wife of Orpheus?

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