City kicks curbside recycling to the curb, recognizes NCHS Agronomy Team and Christmas Angels

City Council Nov 26_0979

Recycling was no longer working financially for Natchitoches so the City Council introduced an ordinance at the Nov. 26 meeting. When the ordinance is approved at the Dec. 10 meeting curbside pickup for recyclables will do longer be offered.

“I don’t think anyone likes it, but the money is not out there,” said Mayor Lee Posey.

The City will continue a recycling program and has plans to enhance its collection site at the public works department. Going forward with the renewal of the contract with Waste Connections Bayou, both the black and blue (recycling) cans will be used for garbage.

The ordinance approves the renewal of a time contract for the collection, hauling, recycling and disposal of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste, and recyclable materials in the City of Natchitoches. The City was under a contract with Progressive Waste Solutions, which expires Dec. 31. (SEE DOCUMENTS BELOW FOR TERMS AND RATES)

The Council recognized the Natchitoches Central Agronomy Team that recently accomplished one of the most remarkable feats that any FFA member can attempt—they have earned the title of National Champions!

The Natchitoches Central FFA members Frank Lester, Thomas Dodd, Andrew Broadway, and Kaitlyn Cormane placed first overall at the National FFA Agronomy contest held at the 91st National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their achievement is the result of a full year of training for this competition; the team practiced every day during school hours and three days a week after school dating back to last November.

Frank Lester was 1st place individually, followed by teammates Thomas Dodd (2nd place individual), Andrew Broadway (4th place individual) and Kaitlyn Cormane (9th place individual). All four members finished in the top 9 out of 152 students competing from all across the nation. Such an achievement places them in the top 5% of all students that competed.

This team won by 377 points over the second place team—the largest margin of victory ever recorded. NCHS won the National FFA Agronomy CDE with a team total of 4,168.5 points out of 5,000. Frank Lester set a new record for highest individual score with a 914 out of 1000 possible points. Each team member earned a $1,000 cash award for their performance.

The Council also recognized the following Christmas Angels: Ava Cole, Brooklyn Clark, Jolee Shea, Melanie Johnson, Olivia Vickers, Kyleigh Severin, Madison Dupuy, Taylor Eubanks, and Anna Sowell.

Other agenda items included:


Change Zoning Classification Of Ribfin Smokehouse & Restaurant, located at 5386 University Parkway, From B-3 Commercial To Additional B-A Zoning To Sell Beverages Of High And Low Alcoholic Content For Consumption On Premises.


Amend And Re-Adopt Section 22-36 Of The Code Of Ordinances, Which Said Section Is Within Article III, Entitled “Cane River Lake” Of Chapter 22 Entitled “Parks And Recreation”, Said Section Being Amended And Re-Adopted To Provide For New Regulations Governing Watercraft Operation During Fireworks Displays, Providing For Advertising, Further Providing For Severability, And Further Providing For A Repealer And Effective Date Of Ordinance.

Amend Chapter 19 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Natchitoches By Adopting Article VIII, Which Is Titled “Food Cart/Truck Vendors”, And Providing For Permitting And Regulation Of Food Cart/Truck Vendors In The City Of Natchitoches, Providing For Application For Same And Fees, Providing For A Savings Clause, A Repealer Clause, And Providing For An Effective Date Of The Ordinance.

Award Bid For East Natchitoches Water Main Replacement, Phase I to David Lawler Construction of Shreveport for $808,775.

Incur Debt And Issuance Of $1.5 Million Of Sales Tax Bonds, Series 2019. Posey said the City will focus on the St. Maurice, Whitfield, Sirod and East Fifth area next as part of its plan to keep replacing more water lines every year


Amend Section 14-29, Entitled “Collection Charges – Levied” Of Chapter 14 Of The Code Of Ordinances Of The City Of Natchitoches, Entitled “Garbage, Trash And Refuse”, Providing For Advertising, Further Providing For Severability, And Further Providing For A Repealer And Effective Date Of Ordinance.


Execute A Certificate Of Substantial Completion To The Contract Between The City And Regional Construction, LLC For The 2017 Street Rehabilitation Program, Phase I

Execute A Certificate Of Substantial Completion For LA DOTD Seal Coat Runway 7/25 At The Natchitoches Regional Airport

Enter Into A Contract With Midwest Employers Casualty Company For The Workers’ Compensation Excess Coverage Policy For The City

Approve The Transfer Or Assignment Of A Franchise Agreement From Natchitoches Carriage Company, LLC, To Guy Joseph Tuccio, Including The Authorization Of The Mayor To Execute An Instrument Approving The Assignment Of The Franchise Agreement.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The next scheduled City Council meeting will be December 10, 2018.


14 thoughts on “City kicks curbside recycling to the curb, recognizes NCHS Agronomy Team and Christmas Angels

  1. Recycling was an Al Gore ploy,this in no way will save this country.
    I think we should atleast recycle all wood products and build houses for
    homeless birds,you know give back.Thousands of birds are homeless every year.

  2. Why does the city pay for “backdoor service”? What is so hard about taking your trash to the curb? I see no reason the City should pay extra for a service that covers laziness.

  3. I believe that the soccer complex is a great addition to our City. It is nice that something is built for the general public to use…..and finally, it is money that is not being put into Front Street for tourism. We need to take care of our local people sometimes, instead of money and tourism.

    • I drive the roads everyday and buy my drinking water at the store. I can’t remember the last time I played soccer. I guess we all have our own priorities when it comes to our tax dollars are spent.

    • You are fooling yourself if you think the general public will be able to use the softball fields or the soccer fields anytime they choose .Just look at highland Park or the east natchitoches fields now you might be able to rent them for more then it would cost to build your own. And they WON’T fix the streets I say won’t because the find money for everything else but! Now paying for a study for bike paths……… I guess bikes because before to long it’s going to be the only way around some streets . I hope some of these people have a after office plan.

  4. why are we worried about paving a run way at the airport ? shouldn’t we work on city streets ?? not like this is a major airport its there for local rich people who cares ! need to fix north side of south drive,Williams road,stop babying front street the city is about to make a butt load off Christmas festival.I also think that the city should allow any Parish resident free admission to the festival its beyond crazy to have to pay to be on riverbank when our taxes paid for the damn thing.

    God Bless !

    • I can agree with you that city streets are important. I live on a crumbling street here in the City of Natchitoches myself. As for the airport it comes from federal funding from the FAA and not the city. You either take advantage of what is offered or another airport gets the money.

    • Well considering that the airport brings in tourists (yes pilots with airplanes come here and spend money too), and supports businesses such as Pilgrim’s, I.P. and other concerns I think we should be “worried” about the runway. Corporate America always looks at road, river, rail and yes airport access when determining whether to locate here or not. Quit being as shortsighted as you accuse others. SMH

    • All the money for the airport runways are paid for by taxes on gasoline used by airplane owners. It is a federal and state program. No local money is required.

    • I can’t think of any entity that allows local residents preferential treatment on admission for events. Do you make this stuff up as you go along?

  5. No money in budget for recycle ? yet Posey wants to build a stupid soccer complex ? Redfin probably won’t last a year,it looks to formal for Hwy 6 and the building is tiny.

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