NJH Boys to Men Club continues to excel

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Jermaine Thomas of Natchitoches Junior High School continues to pour into the lives of 15 young men, whom are a part of the club he created entitled the Boys to Men Club.

Thomas took the guys to explore the campus of NSU on Dec. 3. They had lunch within the college atmosphere at Iberville Dining Hall. Following this, the guys were given a tour of campus by NSU Recruiter Kiley Bell who expressed the importance of getting good grades RIGHT NOW instead of waiting until high school. The guys even explored a dormitory on campus and experienced a taste of college life for a brief period.

Thomas said, “It’s important that I strive to expose these guys to more than just junior high school life. These gentlemen were complimented on how well-behaved they were today by Iberville Dining Hall Staff as well as how well-appeared they were.”

The motto of this club is “On My Way to a Better Me.” This is just a few of the many things that are offered in this club. Thomas said he monitors grades of the guys enrolled within his club because grades are prioritized above anything else.

“If they can be successful in the classroom, then everything else will fall into place,” said Thomas. Last week, Thomas discussed the club on the open air on My92.3 with School Board Member Rev. Steve Harris.

Pictured from left on front row are Jamarius Henry, Rytaveon Thomas, Amarion Mitchell, Arnold Scott, Robert Walker, and Jaydian Creel. On back row are Dequallin Newton, Anthony Benning, Mr. Jermaine Thomas, Kamryn Garner, Fredrick Jackson, Ronald Smith, and Tyler Lucas.

Anyone in the community interested in contributing to the Boys to Men Club can email Mr. Jermaine Thomas at jermaine.thomas@nat.k12.la.us.

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  1. This…THIS is meaningful, relevant, and SO important. I love it and commend the mentors involved in getting this started!

  2. What a great looking group of young men! Thanks for keeping us updated on their activities. This is the kind of good news we want to hear!!

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