Ponderings with Doug – December 7, 2018


On September 19, 2018 I received a text message from my bride. It was a picture.

In the picture, there was a puppy on my wife’s shoulder. The puppy was not necessarily cute. I asked the important question, “What is that?”

That was Hazel.

Hazel was rescued from the mean streets of Arcadia, Louisiana. Mom dog was crossing Hazel street with her five puppies in tow. One of our friends grabbed the puppies before they became a tragic road accident story. The “friend” gave this puppy to Tamara. For these months we have been training a new puppy.

We have succeeded. The puppy knows how to fully operate the doggy door. She knows that when she needs to go, she goes outside. She’s learning to fit into the herd. She plays with the other dogs and they play back. Most of the time she stays in Gibsland with my bride. Other times the herd is all together. This weekend the whole herd will be in Natchitoches.

Hazel has noxious puppy habits. She chews on wood.

Normally that would mean that the dog is chewing on furniture. She doesn’t do that. The wisteria and the dog have this compact to make me miserable. The wisteria which grows along the ground too, is the favorite of the puppy to drag inside. This dog will come strutting to the doggy door with a limb. I think, “There is no way that dog can negotiate that doggy door with that stick.” Wrong!

I have plugged up the vacuum a couple of times cleaning up her wood shredding.

She also has a fetish about the broom. She wants to help! If one is sweeping the dog is right there playing along. She can be in the other part of the house and will hear the broom and come running. She loves the broom so much that she sits in the laundry room and whines while gazing up at the broom. She thinks sweeping is great fun.

I share this information with you as a prayer concern.

This weekend we will have one grandson here. We are putting up the Christmas tree, so he can help with the decorating festivities. After Emerson leaves, Hazel will remain. I have grave concerns about how Hazel and the Christmas tree will interface with each other.

I see many days of redecorating the bottom of the tree. I can’t begin to imagine what happens if we place gifts under this tree. Since the tree is in Natchitoches, I could send Hazel with my bride back to Gibsland. She’s been there for the most of her puppy life. Perhaps there is too much Christmas stimulus for her to be in Natchitoches for the season.

Puppies, kittens, small children and Christmas trees have never mixed well. Somehow, every year we figure out how to overcome these challenges. We seem to make Christmas work even with tree tormentors in our midst.

The message of Christmas is that people who don’t belong are invited and welcomed! God has worked it all out.

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  1. OMG that is the cutest puppy in the world! That thing about staring at the broom and whining is too funny. Here’s to you and all yours for a very merry Christmas.

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