School Board adds three days to Christmas Break for district-wide professional development

NPSB 12-06-18

The Natchitoches Parish School Board approved a change to the 2018-2019 NPSB School Calendar. Students will return to school on Jan. 10 instead of Jan. 7. Superintendent Dale Skinner said it’s the school district’s priority to provide children with the best possible education.

“We are not only concerned about academic growth, but also social and emotional growth, he said. It is important that we equip our teachers with skills to better everyday issues in the classroom. We will be conducting professional development on discipline, classroom management, school climate/culture and teaching the whole child. These areas are a priority and we want to ensure our staff have the necessary tools.”

Faculty, staff, lunchroom workers, janitorial staff, bus drivers, and even board members if they wish to attend, will participate in a district-wide professional development Jan. 7-9.

Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III is a nationally recognized school improvement advisor and counselor who specializes in at-risk student achievement and criminal behavior prevention.

Dr. Jackson has been in private practice since 1998 and is currently one of the most requested staff development trainers in the United States on the topics of accurately addressing negative student behavior, resolving staff issues, and encouraging decisive workplace leadership. His organization has trained thousands of professional staff members, parents, and students worldwide. As a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and professional counselor, Dr. Jackson addresses more than 200,000 people each year.

He has authored fifty books—several of which have become international bestsellers—including The Best Man, Daddy Issues: Why Fathers Are Important, College or Prison: The Male Crisis of The 21st Century, “Don’t Kick Them Out!”, Divorce Is Not An Option, How to Prevent Educator Burnout, and Success or Failure: Leaders are the Difference.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jackson has visited and trained staff in over 1000 schools throughout the United States—firmly establishing a reputation as a difference-making game-changer for the organizations that he has instructed and advised. Schools that partner with Dr. Jackson commonly see lower suspension rates, higher graduation rates, improved standardized test scores, more positive student-teacher relationships, and more productive staff performance.

Dr. Jackson continues to travel weekly throughout the United States, providing students with hope and options, giving parents confidence and teachers clarity—delivering school leaders the irrefutable blueprint for school success. Recently, Dr. Jackson has developed the New Teacher Orientation training program to better prepare teachers for the “Non-Suspension Era” and the realities of teaching in impoverished school environments. The program focuses on running the classroom, preventing teacher burnout, and managing workplace relationships with coworkers and family members.

Dr. Jackson’s goal is to equip one million educators with the necessary social and emotional life skills required to teach and meet the growing needs of today’s students.

Other agenda items included:

Approve lowest bids for Processed and Frozen Food Items, Paper and Cleaning Supplies for Jan. 1-July 30, and Additions and Alterations to Lakeview High School

Approve School Activity Fund Audit for 2017-2018

Approve new provisions in the contract with Hammonds, Sills Adkins and Guice, LLP that would increase some of the hourly rates currently being charged for professional services (Increase from $100 to $150)

Giver superintendent permission to hire up to 12 tutors to work in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms at LP Vaughn

Approve Testing/Evaluation Coordinator position

Approve document authorizing superintendent to sign all necessary papers on behalf of the board to finalize the FEMA PA Match Agreement

Approve policy for Behavioral Health Services during the school day by outside behavioral health providers in response to Act 696

Approve board meeting calendar for 2019

Adopt a policy authorizing the Vice President of the board to sign legal documents in the absence of the board president. Authorization would be contingent upon written approval from the board president.

11 thoughts on “School Board adds three days to Christmas Break for district-wide professional development

  1. After a short and emotionally-draining few months at NCHS, I realized it’s not a school. It’s a zoo with the cage doors wide open. Kids don’t take suspension seriously. It’s a few days off for them to stay at home and play games on their phones or hook up. Most moms and dads have to work during the day, and these kids are unsupervised to do whatever they want. I say hit ’em where it hurts. Take away their Saturdays. Make them come to school at 7:00 and stay all day. For a teen, nothing is as hard as getting up early on the one day they get to sleep late. And when they get to school, have them do something productive. Scraping gum off sidewalks or the underside of chairs and tables never hurt anyone.

  2. A waste of time and money, but it is required and yes, every teacher, administrator and staff will be required to attend and after it’s all over, there will be a big smile of relief, wishing those 3 days could have been used in the classroom, preparing for the school year. This is a situation unknown to anyone who has never taught. Once it was a wonderful job and lots of challenges and established goals, but today seems to be “stay alive with your students”. If more parents would take on their responsibilities, especially during K-middle school, there’ might be more learning taking place. I’ve been there, done it, and enjoyed it, but it’s a hell of a trip. Try it for 40 years! Okay, try 50 if you’re having fun! Love those kids that are house trained; thanks be to the parents. !

  3. Call me cynical, but I believe that the primary benefit from the three-day professional development seminar will be to Dr. Jackson’s bank account. The teachers will get a day of “feel-good” pep talk, and when they return to the classroom, they will be no better prepared than before to cope with the unsolvable issues of students not interested in education. The very notion of a “Non-Suspension Era” is ludicrous.

    • Good point but to stop this stuff you should be complaining about fed and state control of the school system. “Professional development” is the law. The incestuous relationships between Baton Rouge and the “educators” are to blame .

  4. Yes and I see where the board voted against the Superintendent”s recommendation to terminate an employee who was violating policy. Now I guess everyone else can violate those policies as well. Talk about small town BS. Try that crap at any other business and you’re gone.

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