Vietnam Veteran Donnie Ashcraft Presented With Thanks for His Service

By Kevin Shannahan

Mr. Donnie Ashcraft was presented with a “We Honor Veterans” certificate and pin by Ms. Elisabeth Anderson of Heart of Hospice of Alexandria, LA. Mr. Ashcraft, a long time Natchitoches resident, was joined by his wife Judy, son Jason Adcock and daughter-in-law in a presentation ceremony at his home Thursday, Dec 6th.

Quiet service to others has long been a hallmark of Donnie Ashcraft’s life. He served our country in Vietnam as an Infantryman in the 1st Air Cavalry Division from 1971 to 1972. He and his wife are active members of First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches where he serves as an usher and a tireless deliveryman of Thanksgiving meals to shut-ins. The young men of Natchitoches’ Boy Scout Troop 60 have long been a favorite cause of his. Many a young Scout has been able to attend summer camp and earn merit badges due to his generosity.

From his country, to his community, church and family, Donnie Ashcraft is the kind of hardworking, reliable man who can always be counted upon to come forward when there is something that needs to be done. He is eminently deserving of this long overdue recognition. The Natchitoches Parish Journal joins in the Heart of Hospice in thanking him for his service.

5 thoughts on “Vietnam Veteran Donnie Ashcraft Presented With Thanks for His Service

  1. This quiet hero is so deserving of the recognition he is receiving. Donnie is more than a military hero. He has assumed many roles in his life that many men would shy away from. It is my honor to call him friend.

  2. Thanks to NPJ for this story. So glad to see Donnie Ashcraft receiving this recognition. He is a good man with a huge heart. He has helped so many people in this town, and he has always done so quietly. Bravo Donnie!!!

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