Letter to the Editor: Debbie Waskom, ROV

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For nearly the last 30 years our Parish has had the good fortune to have Mrs. Debbie Waskom as our Registrar of Voters. Mrs. Waskom will retire effective December 31, 2018 and our Parish will lose one of the finest and most respected Registrar of Voters anywhere in our State.

As the President of the Natchitoches Parish Board of Election Supervisors, I have witnessed Mrs. Waskom conduct herself with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Through multiple administrations, she has maintained an excellent working relationship with the Secretary of State’s Office. Mrs. Waskom’s office has treated each member of the public respectfully while ensuring the integrity of our elections.

Most of the public probably does not fully appreciate the demands of the Registrar of Voters. Among many other duties the Registrar of Voters is responsible for the registration of voters, the administration and enforcement of the laws and regulations related to elections, conducting absentee and early voting, and educating the public on the election process.

It seems like every election cycle we are inundated with news coverage about some election related dispute, whether it be in Florida, North Carolina, or Ohio. Each election brings more stories about disputes over voter registration, absentee voting, recounts, etc.… These issues strike at the heart of our Democracy. Our Democracy depends on the public’s faith in the election process.
Our State, and in particular our Parish, has been blessed not to have to deal with these types of election disputes. This has not been because of luck. Rather it has been because of the hard work and dedication of public servants like Mrs. Waskom. Rarely would an issue arise during an election cycle where Mrs. Waskom did not know off the top of her head how to handle the situation. While Mrs. Waskom’s retirement is a significant loss for our Parish, I know she is prepared to ensure a seamless transition for our next Registrar of Voters.

On behalf of the Natchitoches Parish Board of Elections, I would like to thank Mrs. Waskom for her years of service to our Parish and wish her the best in her retirement. The Board looks forward to working with our next Registrar of Voters. Mrs. Waskom’s tenure as our Registrar has left a great example to follow.


Jared Dunahoe

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  1. Congratulations Debbie on 30 years of work for our community. Maybe you can visit & help the Florida district that doesn’t know how to perform a proper & timely election count. Wishful thinking!!!

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