Letter to the Editor: Christmas Festival

letters to the editor295I’m happy to say that this year was my 60th consecutive Christmas festival and by far I can easily say it was the best.

Even when living away, I always enjoyed coming home the first Saturday in December. It never gets old and always gets better.

I would like to comment on one change that we were disappointed in. Not allowing boats to travel back-and-forth before the fireworks.

That part of the festival is always special to boaters far and wide. To be able to take your friends and show them the crowds, anchor and listen to the music was always a big part of the day. How disappointing to find out that at four o’clock no traffic was allowed.

It’s always great to have new and fresh fireworks, but I don’t think the few seconds of that particular firework was worth shutting down the river after 4 o’clock .

I hope the committee reconsiders opening the river back up during that special time and letting boaters continue to enjoy the river.

Kent Gresham

9 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Christmas Festival

  1. Lol. You people are ridiculous. Good luck with the lawyer! Lol. Ignorant fool. Get over yourselves. It’s one night! One night!!!

    • Bet you don’t live near downtown.

      As for the lawyer…well maybe it’s time to file a complaint with the ACLU. They have lawyers.

  2. And that LOUD music! Wasn’t even Christmas music. Makes no sense to me that people over a mile away have to listen to that mess. And I live closer than that. It invades our homes, we have no choice. I suppose it’s time to contact a lawyer.

    • According to that Anon7 you need some whine with your cheese…er, whatever. You’re supposed to surrender your home life, your peace of mind, just so Anon and others have an excuse to party in the streets. Personally, I think a sensible compromise is in order, like, turn the volume down on that loud music…and in some cases it’s just noise, not music. Only those directly in front of the stage should be able to hear it. Isn’t that the excuse for charging to get down on the riverbank? Heck, as it is, you can sit in the parking lot of Walmart, hear the “music” and watch the fireworks… why pay?

  3. I have lived here off and on and wouldn’t attend a festival If I was paid,its expensive and the city now charges to get on riverbank,and fireworks are dangerous ! they caught the manger on fire.

    • Want some cheese with that whine? You’re just like a lot of folks in this town that constantly complain about things because they want something for nothing. Don’t think the charge is worth it? Fine the festival is doing ok without you. Apparently there are many that don’t mind paying. By the way, I don’t go either simply because I don’t like the hassle, but for those that don’t mind more power to them, it is a worthwhile event. SMH

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