NPD Arrests Two Suspects for Six Vehicle Burglaries

Justus Collins

During the early morning hours on December 18, 2018 theNatchitoches Police Department received a call in reference to vehicle being burglarized in the area of Julian Circle. Approximately one hour later, the police department received a second call of a burglary of another vehicle in the immediate area. Multiple units responded to the area in which the burglary had been reported and were able to locate additional vehicles which had been burglarized. During the course of the officers investigation theylocated two suspects; a sixteen (16) year old, male, juvenile andseventeen (17) year old, Justus Collins of 727 Quida Dr.

A joint investigation between the Traffic and Patrol Division and the Criminal Investigations Division of the Natchitoches Police Department led to detectives obtaining warrants of arrests on both subjects who were each charged on six (6) counts of Burglary. In addition, Justus Collins was also arrested on one count of Resisting Arrest and one count of Simple Escape. Collins waslater transported out the Natchitoches Parish Detention Centerwhere he awaits bond. The sixteen (16) year old, male, juvenile was later released O/R.

The Natchitoches Police Department is urging anyone who has information about these vehicle burglaries to contact the Natchitoches Police Department at (318) 352-8101 or you may contact the Natchitoches Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division, Detective John Wynn at (318) 357-3811. All calls shall be kept confidential.

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Chief Micky Dove ​

9 thoughts on “NPD Arrests Two Suspects for Six Vehicle Burglaries

  1. So Matt we should shoot and kill misguided youth for simple burglary, and that’s the solution you say! Just a little SIMPLE knowledge for you, today’s youth are NO more wild or misguided than any other point in time. In fact as a nation we have less crime today than just about any era in history. But simple people whom watch the mainstream news then get scared to the point that they would rather kill a countryman than help out in a true fashion with compassion or heart are the real problem! Have a nice time at church this Sunday Matt, pray for yourself.

  2. The 16 year old released on O/R? What does than mean? Their own recognizance? Regardless, if they were released at all, that is wrong! No wonder our youth are taking to the streets and committing crimes. They get no punishment! Try them as adults and throw the book at them. They are committing an adult crime, treat them as such. Ridiculous.

  3. this is why we need to carry a gun and shoot first ask questions later.This is the only way criminals will learn to stop.

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