Magnolia Minute: Rick Nowlin – Parish Road Update

Watch today’s Magnolia Minute – Rick Nowlin – Parish Road Update

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5 thoughts on “Magnolia Minute: Rick Nowlin – Parish Road Update

  1. Part of the parish road problem is permitting developers. My little subdivision’s roads are crumbling because the developer was allowed to build a substandard road initially. Once the developer sells the properties, the roads become the responsibility of the parish. What a sweet deal. Corporate America’s business model is, “Make it cheap, sell it fast.” It has not been about quality for decades.

  2. To the comment about “just spending on areas with high dollar homes”….. I live on a very short road ( 1/4 mile long ) and there are only about 8 houses on it. They are very nice houses. And we can barely drive down our road. If we put our combined property taxes together, we could black top ourselves. But instead watch other areas get the money spent on their already decent roads. Frustrating is an understatement !!

  3. Glad to see that he addressed the roads on his Minute and did not do like the Mayor and act like the only thing important in the City and Parish was the Sports Complex, etc. Here’s hoping that they can get something done to help the folks out in the Parish who have horrible roads to drive on and don’t just concentrate on the roads around high dollar homes.

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