Johnathan Rogers Jr

An investigation by the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Criminal
Investigations Division led to the arrest of a Natchitoches man Dec.
26 at 8:15 pm in connection with the shooting death of a Montgomery
man and shooting of another according to Natchitoches Parish Sheriff
Victor Jones Jr.

After several hours of processing the crime scene, analyzing evidence,
interviewing the suspect and witnesses, and consulting with
Natchitoches Parish District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington, Sheriff’s
Detectives arrested Johnathan Rogers Jr., 21 of the 200 block of
Independence Drive in Natchitoches. He was charged with 1-count of
Manslaughter in the shooting death of Michael R. Burks, and 1-count of
Aggravated Second Degree Battery in the shooting of Marquise Holmes.
Rogers was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center where
he currently remains without bond.

NPSO Patrol Division deputies responded to reports of shots fired on
Dec. 26 at 1:56 am in the 100 block of Cherie Loop in Payne
Sub-Division off of La. Hwy 6 East in the Grand Ecore area near

Deputies arrived on scene, discovering two males suffering from
gunshot wounds, one deceased, the other in serious condition lying in
the yard of a residence.

Michael R. Burks, 22 of Montgomery, was pronounced dead at the scene
by Nachitoches Parish Asst. Coroner Steven Clanton.

Marquise Holmes, 21 of Montgomery, was transported from the scene to
Natchitoches Regional Medical Center and later transferred to Rapides
Regional Medical Center with serious injuries.

According to Chief Investigator Greg Dunn, several detectives with
assistance from the Natchitoches Parish District Attorney’s Office
spent several hours determining the facts in this case which led to
these charges.

The shooting was the result of an altercation between the suspect, the
deceased, and the gunshot victim.

Sheriff Victor Jones said the investigation into the shooting is
continuing and other arrests are possible as it progresses forward.

Involved in the investigation and arrest were: Detectives assigned to
the NPSO Criminal Investigations Division, NPSO Patrol Division,
Natchitoches Parish Coroner’s Office and Natchitoches Parish District
Attorney’s Office.

If you have any information please contact Detective Jared Kilpatrick,
NPSO Criminal Investigations Division at 318.357.7830


  1. I have a question. HOW is shooting someone “Aggravated Second Degree Battery”?! He didn’t smack the guy with the gun. He shot him. And, excuse me, why has this guy been charged with manslaughter? Someone who’s driving drunk and accidentally kills someone can be charged with that. So why is the DA charging this man with manslaughter? Doesn’t shooting someone show there’s deliberate intent to commit murder, even if the person doesn’t die immediately?

    • He”s charged with it because the investigation determined probable cause that he committed the crime. Read this…..

      LA RS 14:34.7 — Aggravated second degree battery. A.(1) Aggravated second degree battery is a battery committed with a dangerous weapon when the offender intentionally inflicts serious bodily injury.

      And if you want to know why “manslaughter” and not murder Google LA RS for murder and for manslaughter and you’ll have your answer.

  2. There has been a rash of crime recently in Natchitoches. Two separate shootings, and I hear there was also a city-wide burglary hit in something like 6 houses and some vehicles. No way can police be everywhere all the time, although patrols at night, by police cruisers, helps a lot. Criminals are a little hesitant to be out if a police car might suddenly appear. Otherwise, homeowners need to take steps…security lights, fences, a BIG DOG!…to secure their property.

    • Absolutely right, Jason. Especially BIG DOG. Just the sound of one barking will make criminals think twice. Who wants to tangle with an animal that will protect its territory and the ones it loves?

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