Water Main Replacement Project Creates Detours

East Natchitoches Water Main Replacement Detour Map

The City of Natchitoches would like to advise the public David Lawler Construction, Inc. will be working on the East Natchitoches Water Main Replacement project between St. Clair and St. Maurice at Fifth Street to include Whitfield Drive, Sirod Street, and Adelaide Street from January 3rd – 5th, 2019 weather permitting.

During this time, motorists are asked to find alternate routes around the construction site. The City of Natchitoches appreciates the public’s patience while these improvements are being made and reminds everyone to please drive with caution near the construction site.

One thought on “Water Main Replacement Project Creates Detours

  1. We need remote location water treatment stations. Strategically placed around the city to retreat drinking water before it enters our homes. Sound expensive? Well, I suppose so, but if the city would get away from the VERY EXPENSIVE treatment plant we have the savings….in the $millions…would more than pay for such stations and all new pipes.

    Many months ago someone posted a link to a website of a company that has very inexpensive equipment that does not use chemicals. The city spends $millions just on those harmful chemicals they put in our drinking water. Probably cancer causing too. Don’t buy/use those chemicals. There’s the money right there.

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