Gov. Edwards’ Statement on Government Shutdown, Impact on Louisiana

Office of the Governor
Gov. John Bel Edwards called on Congress and the Administration on
Dec. 27 to work in a bipartisan manner to end the government shutdown.
This week, FEMA announced that insurers cannot issue new flood
insurance policies or renew policies during the government shutdown.
Louisiana currently has approximately 501,000 homeowners who depend on
a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policy. Of that total, an
estimated 40,000 policies renew monthly, but are currently unable to
renew under FEMA’s rule issued as a result of the government shutdown.

“The real life consequences of the federal government shutdown
continues to grow with each passing day,” said Gov. Edwards. “Today,
Louisiana is being inundated by torrential downpours which makes
FEMA’s decision to disallow the renewal or issuing of new policies
through the National Flood Insurance Program a real concern to
thousands of families in our state. In addition, the Violence Against
Women’s Act has lapsed and thousands of federal employees are spending
the holidays without pay. There are very real ramifications to this
government shutdown, but there appears to be a lack of urgency in
Washington to forge a compromise. This is unacceptable, and it’s time
for those in Congress and the Administration to come together to find
a bipartisan solution to end this shutdown.”

6 thoughts on “Gov. Edwards’ Statement on Government Shutdown, Impact on Louisiana

  1. this governor is awful !! can’t issue flood insurance ? see how that goes on next election..who voted for this guy ?

  2. This is all on the Dems. Thank Schumer and Pelosi for any issues that may arise from the government shutdown. They holler about $5 billion for a wall…that will help stop drugs coming into the country, among other benefits…and then in the next instant sign off on sending over $20 billion in foreign aid to our enemies.

  3. Contact your Liberal counterparts and stop the personal Vendetta against all Americans. Liberals in Congress have made this a personal fight.

  4. No compromise! Build That Wall! It should be just as urgent to keep all of the drugs and murders out our our country don’t you think?

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