Multiple Fireworks Retail Stands Shut Down Due to Illegal Sales

State Fireworks Stand Shutdowns

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has issued cease and desist orders to eight fireworks stands in five parishes for illegal fireworks sales over this holiday weekend.

Following tips to the SFM, deputies investigated and confirmed illegal sales at retail stands in Sabine, Lafayette, Acadia, St. Martin and Iberia parishes. In addition, a large warehouse in Acadia Parish, found to be storing hundreds of thousands of dollars in suspected illegal fireworks, was also shut down and cited.

“These actions taken by our deputies are a reminder to consumers and retailers that the SFM is actively verifying compliance with Louisiana laws,” said State Fire Marshal H. “Butch” Browning, “When questionable sales and operations are brought to our attention, we investigate thoroughly and take action swiftly, if necessary.”

More than 350 retail fireworks permits have been issued for the 2018 Christmas/New Year’s season, as it is state law for wholesale and retail fireworks business operators to be appropriately licensed by the SFM. The sales season extends through January 1.

We advise families to be mindful of whether the stand they are purchasing from has been permitted by this office. The SFM encourages reporting any suspicious or illegal selling of fireworks to 1-800-256-5452 or by visiting our website,

In addition, deputies have also spent the weekend investigating complaints about planned New Year’s Eve events with questionable occupancy and use. Some of those investigations, including in the New Orleans area, have resulted in either cease and desist orders for portions of the event or have been determined to be unfounded.

11 thoughts on “Multiple Fireworks Retail Stands Shut Down Due to Illegal Sales

  1. I’m always thankful when we have a lot of rain before any of the traditional fireworks dates. It prevents a lot of grass, woods and house fires, but doesn’t do a thing about the residue left by so many who could not care less where there fireworks land.

      • First, it puts money in the pockets of the Chicoms. That should be reason enough.

        But if you need more reasons…

        inconsiderate people who shoot VERY loud, rattling windows, fireworks that disturb neighbors.

        that cause some with nervous conditions REAL medical issues

        that causes dogs to go crazy…a woman in Alexandria lost her old dog who literally died of a heart attack.

        that litter the lawns, and roofs, of neighbors

        that are dangerous, especially in the hands of drunkards or kids, who have the same mental capacity to reason

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