Reopening: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit of Natchitoches – Thursday!

Dickeys BBQ

Lee and Ginny Waskom are happy to announce the reopening of Dickeys Barbecue Pit on January 3rd at 11am. We have come up with a new game plan with Dickeys Corporate Headquarters in Dallas. Operations will resume bringing Natchitoches the best barbecue in town. Sorry about all the confusion this has caused to all our great customers.

Lee Waskom
Owner/ Operator

18 thoughts on “Reopening: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit of Natchitoches – Thursday!

  1. So Happy,it will reopen. Happy New Year. Ginnie is a wonderful lady. Known her for a while. Good Luck! Great Food and Staff.

  2. This reeks of the “new coke” ooops! back to the “original coke” PR stunt, hah! Hey, whatever works.

  3. We used to enjoy Dickeys a lot until the menu was cut down and prices went up but they are better than Ribfins that is for sure.I would have rather had Cajun food,but it is good to see local people succeed.
    Welcome back !

  4. Love Dickie’s BBQ. So thankful they’re reopening! It’s so very good! I hope the new deal works out for you, Lee & Ginny!

  5. Are y’all going to reopen the drive thru. It’s inconvenient for us handicapped people with wheelchairs

  6. And so what was the new restaurant, Fontenot’s, told who they said was gonna to open soon in place of Dickey’s? Umm, makes one wonder? But I do like Dickey’s BBQ-so just as happy it remains open.

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