Southern Scripts: A Year of Prosperity

By: Catherine J. Burke, Marketing Coordinator

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Pictured Above: Employees of the Month and Company Leaders, from left to right: Melissa Cloutier, Steve Boyd, Mallory Gleason Lambert, Marcie Malmay, Andy Eden, Candace Rachal, Mechele Lester, Mike Patterson, Stephanie Grice & LeAnn Boyd

A local company making national waves in the healthcare industry, Southern Scripts has had a more than record year. At Southern Scripts, the success is best shown in their commitment to their people and the community. The company is composed of 85 employees, 43 of which were hired in the year 2018. Since 2015, the client base has doubled year after year with projections to continue that same growth through 2025. The company is led by seasoned healthcare industry professionals who embrace servant leadership. That translates to ultimate customer satisfaction both internally and externally. Leading the pack is company CEO LeAnn Boyd, Executive Vice President of Business & Development Steve Boyd and Director of Operations Dudley Cedars. Southern Scripts is a local leader on the rise with a bright future ahead for current employees, future employees, clients alike, and the city of Natchitoches.

A handful of exceptional employees were honored and recognized through their employee of the month program as well as at their annual end of the year party. Each month, Southern Scripts recognized an employee that not only went the extra mile, but stood out remarkably in their role and helped push the company to the height of its success.  The Southern Script Employees of the Month are as follows:

January: Candace Rachal; February: Andy Eden; March: Angelia Grant; April: Marcie Malmay; May: Mallory Gleason Lambert; June: Stephanie Grice; July: Melissa Cloutier; August: Mike Patterson; September: Mechele Lester; October: VaShan Reed-Smith; November: Jennifer Krivanec.

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Pictured Above: Employee of the Year with Company leaders, from left to right: Dudley Cedars, Kayloni Jeane, Steve Boyd & LeAnn Boyd

To have a company with the margin of success Southern Scripts has had, a decorated and diverse line of coworkers is vital. Like any well-oiled machine, it takes many parts, serving many different roles and purposes, to run smoothly. An array of awards recognizing different aspects that have helped make Southern Scripts successful are as follows:

Leadership Award: Randy Oates; Best Attitude Award: Aisha Chelette & Tracy Maricle; Impact Award: Stephanie Grice; Customer Service Award: Mallory Gleason Lambert (client-facing), Katrina Mack (member-facing), & Andy Eden (internal-facing); Beyond the Call of Duty Award: Mike Patterson & Colleen Whitehead; Behind the Scenes Award: Katie Levy & Maghan Guidroz; Rookie of the Year: Justin Lee; Employee of the Year: Kayloni Jeane.

For more information on Southern Scripts, please feel free to call (800)-710-9341, visit, or check out Southern Scripts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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