Chicken Express of Natchitoches will close

Chicken Express - Natchitoches

January 4, 2019

Chicken Express of Natchitoches located at 115 South Drive announces
the permanent closing of its restaurant at of the close of business on January 6, 2019.

Please watch for an exciting announcement coming to this location


Robert Harris
Roy Harris

19 thoughts on “Chicken Express of Natchitoches will close

  1. Im with most everyone too much chicken and burgers wouldnt it be nic to have a full fledge cafe with all the fixins breakfeast every day and properly made home town food

  2. I liked the food at Chicken Express. But mostly I liked the people. Friendliest, most accommodating staff I’ve seen in a fast food establishment. Often businesses fail due to poor work ethic, uncaring employees. I doubt that was the issue with Chicken Express. But, honestly, I only patronized it a few times, always through the drive-through. (maybe 5 or 6 times) and never tried their catfish.

    All restaurants operate on tight margins, and most depend on the lunch “drive time” 11am to 1pm to “make hay.”

  3. This is totally ridiculous! Of course it went out of business nobody wanted to eat it. It had nothing to do with service or theft, but simply nobody wanted more chicken. Chick-fil-A is coming next! and nobody wants a grass Roots good restaurant run by a restauranteur all everybody wants is another fast food chain restaurant. Good luck everyone, I think I’ll open a drive through car wash chicken restaurant.

  4. Lady Jade….lol. You did! What we need is variety!!! It was not a good fit. We need coffee franchises, Olive Garden, Arby’s, Jimmy John’s, McCalisters, Applebee’s, and family style places. We can only eat so much of the same food. This is how we can grow and provide jobs for our youth.

    • Not sure who Lady Jade is but I think I was the first to say that when the closing of the now reopening Dickies announced its closing. To quote “Chicken Express will be next….unavailability of reliable help…..and more profits going out the back door than the front” I’ve been offline a few days but will research these comments more.
      Just Saying

  5. Purly poor management! From the owners down! You can’t run a business and never be open your posted hours .what fast-food business closes at 6 in the evening when you post 10 pm. The owners are the ones to blame.

  6. Sad to see it close. Their employees were always so friendly and kind. They went above and beyond. I felt like it was the friendliest food establishment in town.

  7. Big surprise here. The food was terrible. Who decided to open a terrible chicken joint in a town with 4 other chicken restaurants? I called this the moment I gave them a shot after opening. No one wants to eat unseasoned, white chicken!

  8. we need a taco bueno ,what a burger.stop already with the chicken places so
    cliché .gentlemans bar,non gentlemans bar then council members can go.

    • And will continue to be as long as people are paid nearly as much not to work. And too many of the people you hire steal/give away any profits you might hope to make. Our local population has too much of this What we need are jobs that require people to actually do physical labor and appreciate the value of an honest day’s work. I know. Good luck with this

  9. I am not surprised they are closing, their chicken 🍗 was awful, wish they would put a Southern Classic in that building, it would be great.

  10. Where do these elders meet and make these decisions? Are there pointy hats and secret passwords involved? And why would they discourage tax revenue? I don’t think anyone wants to keep the Strip the “way it is” because it’s pretty run down, TBH.

  11. This really upsets me seeing that I love eating there and love the great food. My family loves going here. I can’t believe they are closing.

  12. hard to see any business close,but when you flood a little po dunk town like ours with burgers,chicken and alot of the same ole places what do you expect ? they weren’t as good as southern classic,you can get fried fish anywhere.This town needs “variety” but the elders won’t and don’t like new
    they prefer to keep it the way it is,i am truly surprised any fast food can make it here longer then a year here.
    Hell who know’s they may re open Monday.LOL

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