Alleged kidnapping victim located at the Natchitoches Jr. High


On Dec. 26 at approximately 7 p.m. DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call that involved an abandoned vehicle and altercation that was witnessed in the parking lot of a business east of Mansfield, La. Upon arrival, deputies were able to locate an abandoned vehicle owned by a female employee who had not shown up for work that day. Deputies obtained cell phone information and were able to locate the female at Natchitoches Central Jr. High School with her abductor who was a coach at the school. With assistance from Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office, the suspect, Brian Young (B/M – DOB – 09/05/1986) was taken into custody by Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office and further investigation is being conducted at this time.  Young has been booked for Kidnapping and Domestic Violence.

Desoto Sheriff Press Release

11 thoughts on “Alleged kidnapping victim located at the Natchitoches Jr. High

  1. some of you are making this D. Bag out to be an angel because he had a
    clean record,but he obviously dropped the ball in this case.And now that he
    has been caught red handed he deserves all that he receives by law.

  2. I understand “he” didn’t have a previous record,good for him.But he did slip up
    in this case and he deserves all that he gets,there is no excuse at all for what he did.

  3. I’m glad Desoto Parish picked up the charges because Natchitoches Parish had brushed it and swept it under the rug. That’s the problem now , only sending certain ones to serve time instead of sending those that’s guilty of a crime to spend their time. Great job Desoto.

  4. This article doesn’t say. Does he have a criminal record or not. I have always loved all the comments made when the full story is not told in the article.

    • what does it matter if he has a criminal back back ground ? he was
      caught doing this crime so now he does have a record,and I hope he gets
      his in jail.Any man who hits a woman deserves whatever he his dealt.

  5. hopefully he will get “domestically ” beat up In jail .I have
    no sympathy at all for a person who its a woman,this is not a
    man !!

  6. hooray ! for the school on hiring more staff with criminal back ground.
    did someone forget to run a check on ole coach ?

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