LSMSA students return to school with Special Projects Week

LSMSA Special Classes 2019 (5)

School is back in session at the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts and day one of Special Projects Week is in full-swing! Special Projects classes break up the monotony of a normal class structure while still keeping the students engaged in subjects they find most interesting. Students pursue a topic or skill that is of interest to them, and projects include everything from community service to field trips and unique research opportunities.

Instructor of French Nathalie Malti offers a “Creole Culture in Louisiana” special project class, which allows students to learn the historical and contemporary influence of Creole culture in the Cane River area.

For the more tech-savvy students, Senior Lecturer of Math and Computer Science David Andersen provides a crash course on TensorFlow APIs. Joining Andersen is Jeff Carollo, who works as a staff software engineer at Google.

In “Death Mourning, and Cemeteries,” Associate Lecturer of English Emily Allen leads students on a survey of death/burial rituals and their greater influence on society and cultures.

Maria Sanchez, the school’s senior lecturer of Spanish, helps students explore their roots by providing a “Family History/Genealogy” class. Students trace back their family tree and lineage through online resources.

Senior Lecturer of Piano Charles Jones provides students with a specialized study called “The Life and Music of Mozart,” which explores the composer’s history and impact on the world of music.

Associate Lecturer of Chemistry Stephen Costin (center) joins students for a game of Clue in a special project class titled “Reducing Stress by Playing Games.”

Associate Lecturer of English Pamela Francis leads a special project class titled “The Art and Literature of War.”

Instructor of Latin Morris Tichenor has students exploring 15th century manuscripts in his Bibliophile special project class. The LSMSA Foundation provided the manuscripts for this class.

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