Campti Mayor enforces ordinance

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Campti Mayor Mozella Bell is seeking to enforce a 2015 ordinance. Residents will have until this date to clean up their properties or they will be fined (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

23 thoughts on “Campti Mayor enforces ordinance

  1. I hope the money collected from the fines go towards fixing the roads in Campti and not just pouring rocks down.

  2. Great job mayor ! If you ever run for mayor of a Village west of Natchitoches
    I would vote for you,we definitely need more of a take charge mayor.I wish you the best of luck.A trashy looking house decreases value of homes around it and the city.

  3. Good luck Mayor Bell! Hope she can get some things done for Campti.

    I hear the city’s water storage tank has wooden spikes hammered in to stop leaks. If that is true, then the water system, and probably the sewage system, needs improving. A town like Campti can get grants to help fund water treatment systems.

  4. Wow! Taking the Bull by the horns. I like that, Mayor Bell. I will definitely keep up my property as long as I live and have it. Way to go lady!! 👍👍😃

  5. Totally agree. Good luck. Maybe Natchitoches Parish as a whole could do the same. Especially coming into town from Grand Ecore

  6. I sure hope this works to clean up this huge problem in the Campti area. It’s embarrassing when we have visitors come to IP.

    • i would say at least if not more of the trash on Hwy 480 from campti to the mill is IP employes trash–live on that hwy and see it daily–there is no popeyes,Mcdonalds or any other fast food places in campti and most of the trash is those from Natch city IP workers–

  7. Now, let’s see if we can get the mayor of Natchez to follow the same guidelines. Natchez is becoming a dump

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