NPD Investigates Alleged Threatening of Parish Council Member

Rod Bedgood

The Natchitoches Police Department’s, Criminal Investigations Division began an investigation into the alleged threatening of a Natchitoches Parish Council Member, Russell Rachal. Mr. Rachal later came to the Natchitoches Police Department where he filed a complaint with the police department against his fellow Natchitoches Parish Council Member, Rodney Bedgood. Allegations were made which stated that Mr. Rachal had been threatened by Mr. Bedgood during a special called meeting on the night of January 3, 2019. Council Member Rachal later explained to detectives that as he was exiting the meeting he was confronted byBedgood, who turned to him and made a threatening remark.

Based on the complaint of Council Member Rachal, detectives then spoke with various persons believed to have witnessed the incident and based on the complaint and witness statements Mr. Bedgood was issued a summons on one count of LA R.S. 14:122.2 Threatening a Public Official, Bedgood was issued a court date of February 26, 2019.

If you have any additional information in regarding to this investigation please contact Detective Bobby Beard at (318) 238-3914. Remember all information given shall remain confidential.

12 thoughts on “NPD Investigates Alleged Threatening of Parish Council Member

  1. Well, I suppose at the next council meeting there will be a motion to ”continue the pay of a council member if he or she is incarcerated” offered by either Rodney or Chris.

  2. LOL…’s finally come to this,now they will have to have police at meetings’
    and our tax dollars will have to pay for that as well.Should fire all members and start new .

  3. Poor Rachael. Did Rod hurt your little feelings. Go find a safe place and cuddle your comfort toy. Such a pitiful lad! I know what a sensitive little gu you are. . Sticks and stones, can break your bones, but words can never hurt the

    Please dont cry on parish roads as they may erode them more.

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