School Board terminates Secretary for confidentiality breach

NPSB-Teacher terminated - 012019

A school board employee chose to have discussion of her recommended termination discussed in open public at the School Board meeting Jan. 17. The item on the agenda was to go into executive session to discuss the professional character and competency of an employee and to take action relative to the matter.

Krystal Williams, the secretary at Fairview Alpha Elementary, allegedly gave her user login and password for JCampus to Lunchroom Manager Shari Rogers. This is a violation of the confidentiality agreement both employees signed when they were hired to work for the Natchitoches Parish School District. JCampus allows administrators and teachers to view and manage school related data in real time. This includes personally identifiable information for students.

According to Principal Brooke Williams and Assistant Principal Marsha Daugherty it is the secretary’s job to provide the lunchroom manager with an attendance report so the cafeteria staff knows how many breakfast and lunch meals need to be prepared for the student body. Cafeteria staff do not have access to JCampus.

Rogers claimed Krystal gave her the username and password so she could generate an attendance report when Krystal was absent, but that it soon became a regular routine, continuing for months. Rogers would log into JCampus several times each day.

She presented the board with a post it note and a sheet of paper with the login information and directions on how to navigate JCampus. Krystal denies that she ever gave the information to Rogers, but Superintendent Dale Skinner raised the question: How else would Rogers have attained Krystal’s personal information and the detailed instructions?

According to a security coordinator, the school secretary has the highest level of clearance for student information. According to the School Board’s legal counsel the confidentiality agreement couldn’t be any clearer that any breach can have consequences up to and including termination of employment.

Krystal has worked for the School District for 15 years and some board members wanted to suspend her without pay, instead of terminating her. Steven Harris made a motion that they amend the recommendation to suspend her without pay. However, the vote to terminate her passed with 6 in agreement, 4 against, and 1 abstaining.

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  1. What a setup! There must be way more to this story for it to be brought to the school board.

    This Natchitoches parish school employee of 15 years came to the board to get someone to take a look at what really happened. Instead she was talked down to by the Superintendent.
    She states she did not Give the information to MS Rogers. Then maybe she did not! Ms. Rogers could have gotten it from the principal or the assistant principal or did someone go through her desk?? And if she did give it to her why? To make sure the job got done because no one else at the school was going to do a secretarial task if she was out sick?

    Wonder why did the principal or assistant principal did not have a procedure for someone else to have access to this system when a secretary was out and make sure they did it. Was it then the duty of the assistant principal? Who?

    It appears that Ms. Krystal Williams was not provided a stand in for this procedure if she was out. Then this solely falls on the administration of the school and the security administrators. At the end of the day it is THIER responsibility, not the secretary.
    Maybe they should have a two week of suspension with no pay, or be fired

    This sounds like a caddy infighting and a vindictive way to remove a 15 year dedicated employee.

    Ms. Krystal Williams should seek legal counsel and this parish school board should get all the facts before they fire someone.

    • I feel that we are all adults here we should act like adults and not through the blame on one individual here now it took both parties in this on going situation. It really sadden me to see this young woman fired over this when being
      straight forward if one was going to get fired both should ‘ve been fired. Shari and you was using her username and password over months you should have gotten the “BOOT” to. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I come to agree with Mr. Steve Harris she should have gotten suspended without pay both parties. Why fire her and not the other something is mighty flakey about this. My mama always told me when you got one finger pointed in somebody’s face you got 3 pointed right back at you. When that Eagle flies high in the in air it’s gotta come down sometime to get food and water. We need to start a petition for equal rights at Fairview.

    • The reason she probably wasn’t there is because she would have to give account for her own actions which warrants investigation

  2. Everything is not peaches and cream. The superintendent uphold the teachers and the principle at Fairview Alpha in their wrong. Whatever Brooke Williams wants she gets. Crystal Williams position had already been filled before the board fired her. Parents have been banned from Fairview because they disagreed with teachers for abusing their children. Skinner agree with this foolishness. If you don’t have a child that attends the school then you would be surprised as to some of the things these teachers and principle get away with.

  3. Did you get terminated Ms. Roger? By right, you should have been fired. You know that you were not supposed to use that list. To do it one time, not knowing or being ignorance of the confidential policy, but numerous times within a month. You could have brought the question up to Brooke when you were given the information. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong!!!!! You were just as WRONG as Ms. Williams!!! There is no EXCEPTION!!!

  4. Pm I suppose you are relating your feelings to your children. When I was growing up the teachers and principals were ALWAYS right. No matter how either of my parents felt they never criticized any adult in front of me much less one of my teachers or my principal. This is another reason children today do not respect their peers. It all begins at home.

  5. To whom it may concern, it’s just too much confusion going on from the superintendent, board members, principals, & teachers in Natchitoches Parish. So this is why the students are not getting the education they should be getting to prepared them for their next grade level. And surely not for college! Because you can see this in the test scores. What is happening? I know for a fact we need prayer in our schools. It seems to me that nobody cares about the kids. It must be miserable to go to your job everyday under all the stress your superintendent and principals have you under. Y’all need to learn to love and get alone with your co-workers. Because you all are there so the kids can get an education. Asking for PRAYER for Natchitoches Parish School KIDS!

  6. What’s really sad is that there are board members that think breaking the law is OK. Breaches of confidentiality laws are serious offenses and expose organizations to monetary liability. Now that someone has been terminated for violating the law, maybe others charged with running our school system will take their responsibilities seriously.

    • I admire Mr Skinner. He has taken so much flak from parents and has been strong enough to let it roll off his back. He is doing a fantastic job in a not so fantastic situation. We are not privy to all the happenings in our schools. Our teachers deserve twice as much as they are getting paid. There are animals in our schools that have zero guidance and we have teachers going above and beyond trying to discipline and teach these boys and girls. We have absentee parents and we have parents that are more interested in their child making a sports team than they are in their academics. So before you start an attack mode on the principal and teachers look inside your home and the example you are setting for your child/children.

      • social engineering in our schools is being pushed by all school officials–this is what has been happening since the late 60’s–now they are reaping what they have sowed and of course pointing fingers at everything esle but themselves–

      • What planet are you from. He’s the most unprofessional and incompetent person ever to be Superintendent! Hes vulgar, racist, foul mouthed person I’ve ever met. He has personally ran dozens of highly qualified teachers out of the parish because of his rudeness and brash behavior. He has physically assaulted women and made inappropriate sexual remarks to women. The very idea that the board tolerates his behavior and lack of professionalism does not speak well for the future of education in the parish.

      • So did any of those physically assaulted file charges? What planet are you from or are you one of those that just pass on rumor as fact?

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