AxsomAir announces partnership with SWEPCO for the second year, do you get a check?

AxsomAir and Plumbing is very proud to announce their partnership with Southwestern Electric Power Company or SWEPCO! AxsomAir has been selected for the second year to join the SWEPCO Louisiana 2018 Residential Solutions program. When you buy your new high efficiency Heat Pump or Air Conditioner from AxsomAir, SWEPCO incentive program will pay up to $2000!

“SWEPCO cares about our customers and wants their home to be comfortable and their energy bills to be affordable,” said Jeff Thigpen, SWEPCO’s energy efficiency and consumer program coordinator. “We partner with HVAC contractors like Josh Axsom of AxsomAir to offer incentives as high as $2,000 to our customers toward the purchase of high efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners. That makes a big impact on such a large purchase.”

“The major energy users in most homes are the heating and cooling systems. With an expected life span of 15 to 20 years, it’s important to purchase the most efficient unit you can afford. This program is designed to help SWEPCO customers offset a portion of the cost to purchase these more efficient heat pumps and HVAC units. This improves the comfort level in the customer’s home, and helps save them money through reduced energy bills over the life of the unit.”

We are really excited about this continued partnership with SWEPCO, says Josh Axsom with AxsomAir. The incentive funds are limited and when they are gone, they are gone. Also for a limited time Trane is offering a rebate of up to $2000 off of a new high efficiency Trane Heat Pump. Josh Axsom explained, “now is the best time of the year to go ahead and change out your old system with the incentives from Trane and SWEPCO making it the best price of the year!”

If you are a SWEPCO customer call us today at 352-7777 to schedule your free estimate and find out how big your incentive check will be!

(Pictured is the 3 generations of Axsom’s, Josh Axsom, Ethan Axsom, and Matthew Axsom)