Free Ukulele Classes: Friends Sponsor Library Music Program

NPL- Ukulele 2019
NPL – In the year of the Natchitoches Parish Library’s (NPL) eightieth anniversary, the NPL is thrilled to provide an always-growing and varied list of programs and opportunities for self-guided learning. The first of many planned celebrations is the launch of adult ukulele classes. The Friends of the Natchitoches Parish Library (FONPL) have donated ukulele kits for program participants in memory of Dr. Hurst Moreland Hall, Sr. Among Dr. Hall’s many talents and gifts was his love of folk music and various folk instrument combinations. In his honor, the FONPL has donated six ukuleles for the use of patrons enrolled in the library’s ukulele class.

“It is our hope that through the offering of these lessons, Natchitoches residents will be inspired by Dr. Hall Sr.’s legacy to pursue knowledge and love of the various forms of folk music,” says Alice Bryant, FONPL President.

Ukuleles are small, four-stringed instruments, resembling a miniature guitar, which are easy to transport and even easier to play. Starting this month, the NPL has begun circulating these instruments and offering classes on how to play them for fun and enjoyment.

Due to the limited number of ukuleles, there is a sign-up requirement for patrons who wish to participate in the program. There is currently a wait list for those wishing to use one of the NPL’s ukuleles as interest has been very high. If you have your own instrument and would like to get to know it better, you may sign up for the class and bring your own ukulele!

Four classes, taught by Library Technical Assistant Allison Weatherford, will be offered on a rotating schedule: Intro to the Ukulele, Basic Chords, Strumming, and Fingerpicking. Because the classes repeat, it’s simple to drop in and out when it suits you best. If you miss Basic Chords, sign up next time! If you want a refresher on fingerpicking, feel free to enroll when it comes around again!

Come unwind and play your favorite songs with your local library, the NPL. If you have any questions, or to register for upcoming classes, you may call the NPL Circulation Desk (318-238-9224), message the NPL on its Facebook page (Natchitoches Parish Library), or go by the NPL (450 Second St.).