Campti Residents Comment on Removal of the Town’s Mayor

By Edwin Crayton



Campti has no mayor. That actually comes as a surprise to many residents of the tiny hamlet. What happened? Basically, District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington is taking action to remove newly elected Campti Mayor Mozella Bell, because he says there is proof that she is not a resident of Campti. Residency is a requirement for the job. Harrington is quoted in a statement that ran the Natchitoches Parish Journal on January 16, 2019 as saying, “It is my opinion that Mozella Jeanetter Bell does not qualify to hold office of Mayor of the Town of Campti. It is my duty in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 18, to file suit in the 10th District Court within (10) days of this report to declare the Office of Mayor in the Town of Campti vacant.”

I went out on the streets of Campti to find out what people think about this odd situation. Not many were neutral. Opinions were strong as you’ll see from their comments. Each respondent was asked four questions: What do you think of the removal of Mozella Bell? Do you agree that she gave false information as alleged? Ms. Bell ran against Roland Smith. What do you think of about the claim that neither candidate in the mayor’s race is a resident? What do you think of Ms. Bell’s cleanup plan in which as one of her first acts, she attempted to enforce a 2015 ordinance requiring residents to clean up their properties or face fines? Speaking of residency, like the D.A. I did all I could to ensure all polled are residents of Campti.
Ruth Grimsey, Campti: ”I hate her removal. She was going to clean up this place. I believe it’s a lie to say she filed a false report. She’s a church going woman. Yes, it’s bad that the other candidate was not a resident.”

Shaniqua Triggs, Campti: “If she is not a resident, she does not have a right to the job. Her residence wasn’t too far from town so maybe they should have given her a break. It’s crazy that neither candidate was a resident of Campti. I did agree with her cleanup plan for Campti though.”

Ronnie Williams, Campti: “It was bad to take her out of office. I don’t know much about the other candidate not being a resident. In politics they lie. She had a good cleanup plan.”

Anonymous Female Campti: (Would not give name) “I disagree with removing the mayor. I don’t believe she gave false information. I believe the other candidate not being a resident is irrelevant. But Mayor Smith was in office for years and they say he was not a resident. So why did he stay in office? That cleanup plan was good because people can pull you in some place and (harm you).”

Shell Thompson, Campti: “I disagree with the removal. I believe she is a resident and did not lie on the application. I don’t see a problem. Big deal about the other candidate. That cleanup plan would have made Campti beautiful.”
Anonymous Woman, Campti: “I disagree with the decision to remove her. I have no opinion on the other candidate. I like her cleanup plan. But I do wonder if the fines would be too high.”

Frank, Campti: “I disagree with the decision. (Laughs) You could spit from the residence she had and hit Campti. I agree with part of her cleanup plan. But torn up cars are responsible for torn up roads. If a house and yard looks like a salvage yard or landfill, it needs to be cleaned up!”

Lynn, Campti: I disagree with removing her. He, Smith, didn’t do anything for (Campti). I think if an abandoned car is in the yard, no problem. But some yards need cleaning up.”

Robert Robinson, Campti: “If it’s not right, I am not going to support it. So based on what I hear, if you are not in the city, you can’t have (the job). Same for the other candidate. If she (Bell) did do the application wrong, then she was wrong. Campti does need cleaning up. The thing is, people today don’t want to do right. And God is tired of it!”

“But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” —Matthew 23:11

9 thoughts on “Campti Residents Comment on Removal of the Town’s Mayor

  1. The law is the law! Would you like an illegal alien win an election because they made promises that appealed to you? If your is “yes,” then there are numerous potential candidates at our southern most border! Elect a citizen who will live with the results of their actions, then hold them accountable!

  2. Who will carry out the duties of the mayor for the town during this time that the elected mayor is banned from office? Just curious about how the town will function in the interim.

  3. As I posted previously, I think Ms. Bell would do a good job for Campti.

    But, if this ruling stands, will there be a special-election to seat another mayor? If so, how soon?

    And, back to a question that has been asked…whose responsibility is it to truly QUALIFY candidates? I notice nothing but ‘crickets’ on that question.

  4. i like that the word ( Anonymous ) had to be explained that is rich.I do not agree with the removal of the mayor,the city is lucky to get someone who cares to make change for the better the city is a dump !!
    And unlike other citys,villages in this parish she isn’t a puppet or on the take.If my city tried to even do better I would be so shocked,they have puppets.Why would you want to live where there is trash and cars near you and it de-values what you fought so hard to get ?

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