District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced today the guilty plea of Ebone Shirley Wilson to the charge of vehicular homicide. Wilson, 37, of Clarence, pleaded guilty just prior to jury selection for trial in the November 2016 vehicular homicide of Derrick Williams. The death was the result of an automobile crash on Hwy 6 in Natchitoches in which Wilson was intoxicated while driving and stuck Williams’ vehicle head-on.
As part of the guilty plea, Wilson was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment at hard labor.

10th Judicial District Court Judge Desiree Dyess presided over the case.
Assistant District Attorneys Amanda McClung and Cloyd Benjamin Jr. prosecuted the case.

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  1. For so long criminals around here just walked on any kind of charge! To see Billy Joe Harrington,the asst. DA’s and the judges prosecuting and putting them away is the system working right . We have needed that! Great job in my opinion!

  2. seems totally unfair that as a tax payer I have to pay for this killer
    to be in prison,help feed him,clothe him,shelter him.Why don’t we just send him to death penalty eye for an eye ! it would save tons of money for tax payers and help victims family.Its like there is no punishment for horrible crimes any more.Oh well I killed a person state will take care of me now.

    • 18 years at “hard labor?” What does that mean, will he have an ankle chained to an iron ball and have to bust rocks, like you see in old movies? As for the victim’s family, at least this guy got some criminal penalty.

      We lost our daughter to a guy driving a truck, who was in his 14th straight hour of driving and fell asleep at the wheel, and he plowed his truck into a car our daughter was a passenger in. All that guy got was a traffic ticket “failure to maintain control of his vehicle.” We asked the DA of the parish in which the event occurred about some other charges, Nah! it was just accident…get over it, we were told.

      When someone knowingly drives under the influence they know they are impaired and prone to make a big mistake. Well, that truck driver knew he was having trouble staying awake, and to me, he was just as guilty of being impaired.

      Sorry for the rant.

      • Jim I am so sorry for you’re loss .I think I would have punched the
        DA in the face.I think most DA’s and lawyers make themselves look good buy getting to many people locked up or convicted and the amount of time for the crime doesn’t matter.I myself would want the man who hurt my loved on to hurt also,We need to practice the death penalty like Texas does they have an express lane …

    • So life in prison is not enough? Do some research. Eye for an eye think about that for a second. I guess your a complete angel! You might want to think about that too. How do you sleep at night just ready to kill some one like its natural. I think we need to look at the alcohol problem that causes people to do horrible things before we try to just kill them.

      • oh I am no angel or close to it.But usually when you kill or rape you
        are not human you are a deranged animal,and if someone was to kill my friend or family member I sure as heck want their life.It would be harder for me to think that the “animal ” you killed my loved one is sitting in prison for 15 years eating,watching tv or whatever while I

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