New program helps students get ready to learn

Students at Weaver Elementary are participating in a pilot program called BBLC (Behavoir Based Learning Center) to help them learn to manage the non compliant parts of their behavior.

Director of Special Education Toni Bennett they started the program at Weaver (grades 3-4) as it was currently the only school with an available classroom. Additionally, students in PreK-2nd grade are already getting training in conscious discipline.

“We hope this pilot program will help us rescue some of our at risk youngsters so they can go on to graduate from high school,” said Bennett.

Discipline is an issue in the school system and the idea is to catch them early. The BBLC has a strict protocol for children who are selected to participate. The program is limited to 10 students at a time. Each student is given daily behavior goals.

The program began the second week of October with one staff member: Leroy Armstrong. For the week of Jan. 28 four students graduated. A student must meet their behavioral goals for 4 weeks without any hiccups in order to graduate.

The program doesn’t end with graduation. Students are slowly eased back into their classrooms with continuous check-ins. This gives them support and helps keep the teachers informed throughout the whole process.

The students that graduated are doing well in class and have received no more referrals. Five more students were just admitted.

“Good things are happening,” said Bennett.

It would cost to go beyond this pilot program, but the district is weighing its success and the feasibility for expansion.

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  1. Yay! Finally some good news about education. Seems like the program has worked so far, and if its students continue to be successful, I say we put the program in ALL our schools.

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