Ponderings with Doug – Februuary 22, 2019

The flower has two names. It is called a daffodil or a jonquil.

New bulbs are planted in November and after the first of the year, the jonquils begin breaking ground. They start flowering in the middle of February and the flowers will last a month or so. One leaves the stems in the ground until Mother’s Day weekend. On that weekend you can mow them over or chop them down. The jonquils don’t mind, they are done with their annual cycle. They are not dainty, so you don’t need to “lift the bulb.” Next January the Jonquils will begin appearing in the yards and in the pastures.

I know a little about them because in November of 2017, the jonquil dude planted about 200 bulbs at the Gibsland camp. I wanted to participate in the community wide Jonquil Jubilee. On the first weekend of March, you might drive up to Gibsland, Louisiana for the annual Jonquil Jubilee. It is the best of small-town festivals. The jonquils in the yards and fields are amazing.

You don’t have to get out of your vehicle to enjoy the beauty.
You may start your adventure with a Pancake Breakfast put on by the Gibsland Lion’s Club. That happens in the old theater. Around lunch time, the Gibsland Grill will be opened for your dining pleasure. There will be street vendors all along the “Main Street” in Gibsland. At the Baptist church you might enjoy a craft show and Quilt sale. The Methodist church is hosting a tablescapes display. I don’t know what a tablescape is, but I know my wife is “building one” for that Saturday. It was at the table scape show that I discovered Kunst Falten.

All this happens in a small town. It is an annual celebration and I’m officially inviting you to visit the cosmopolitan area of Gibsland on Saturday, March 2nd. I’ll be on my front porch waving as you pass by. You will enjoy a celebration built around a simple flower.

Did that hurt? It took me about three hundred words to invite you. I suffered no injury to body, mind or soul. If you come to Gibsland you will enjoy the drive up and the flowers. You will enjoy getting out of your car at the Grill, or one of the two churches hosting events. I’ll have a cup of coffee available for you if you stop by the Doug camp. You might even get a translation of Kunst Falten.

I offered you an average invitation, nothing special; average. If you are an average Methodist, you invite someone to church once every 38 years. I think the averages for other denominations are similar. Once every 38 years! If Jesus is so great, if salvation is wonderful, and if church is so important why don’t we invite people more often? Once every 38 years hardly qualifies as Christian.

I invite you Sunday to the church of your preferred denomination. All of us will be talking about Jesus.

Now, you invite someone to church on Sunday. It is time to act.

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