Five Vehicle Crash on University Parkway

NPD- A Natchitoches Police Department patrol unit attempted to stop a vehicle on Feb. 26 being driven by Darran A. Green. Green refused to stop and speed away striking a second vehicle, driven by a citizen, causing a third vehicle, the pursuing patrol unit, to strike the second vehicle. Green then used his vehicle to strike a second police vehicle, which caused Green to lose control of his vehicle and strike a fourth vehicle, which was also being driven by a citizen.

Green then attempted to flee the scene on foot but was immediately apprehended. Darran A. Green, 29 years of age, residing at 1108 Lake St., Natchitoches, LA was arrested and charged with Aggravated Flight, Resisting an Officer, General Speed Law, Turn Signal, Hit and Run, Negligent Injuries, Aggravated Obstruction of Highways, Stop Signs, Improper Lane Usage. Green was later transported out to the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center where he currently awaits bond.

3 thoughts on “Five Vehicle Crash on University Parkway

  1. Wow, that first paragraph is a doozie! The writer doesn’t need to recount the exact order of events. It’s confusing and not really necessary. It’s also not necessary to say any of these vehicles were “driven by a citizen.” Most people can figure out they weren’t driven by any other creatures. Using the word “vehicle” eight times is excessive. Is there an editor at NPJ?

    • Lady j, This came from the police report. So the “writer” was the officer who prepared the report.

  2. So apparently outside of the infractions that occurred during the chase there was no pressing reason to apprehend this vehicle, a high-speed chase on university Boulevard should be saved for extreme circumstance. Note that a police cruiser lost control and hit a third-party vehicle. Only after the death of an innocent person will the cowboy attitude And procedures of chase change.I know this first hand from the day that two of my school mates were killed by a police cruiser attempting to apprehend a vehicle for a minor infraction.

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