Ivan Smith employee receives Top Performer of the Year Award

Robbie Tarpley received a Top Performer of the Year Award for being the #1 sales associate among Ivan Smith Furniture’s 49 locations for 2018. The award was presented to her by Trey and Jonathan Smith at a company banquet in Shreveport on Feb. 12.

“I’m competitive and the #1 spot has always been a goal of mine,” said Robbie, who’s worked at Ivan Smith Furniture in Natchitoches for 13 years. She’s been in the furniture business since she was 20-years-old and loves decorating homes and meeting new people.

Sales associates are ranked based on their sales and other company criteria like the number of text message opt-ins they gather. Dane Terrell said this is one area where Robbie really went above and beyond her daily duties. She set up a booth during the Christmas Festival to hand out balloons to children and sign up the adults for Ivan Smith’s Mobile Rewards program.

“What sets her apart is the what she does for our customers after the furniture gets delivered,” said Dane. “It’s easy to be a good salesperson when everything goes right. But the difference between being good and being #1 is what you do to fix it when things don’t go as planned. That to me is a salesperson’s most important aspect.”

Robbie was out of the furniture sales business for a while until she settled in Natchitoches with her husband Jeff Tarpley, who had family in the area. She took one step into Ivan Smith and knew she had to get back to doing what she’d always enjoyed.

“I love this company, I love doing what I do, and I love working with customers,” she said. “I’m so excited to be recognized, but it takes the whole team to be successful, from the corporate office, to the individual store locations. I just pray about it and God always sees me through.”

Join the Mobile Rewards Program for Ivan Smith Furniture of Natchitoches for your chance to win up to $500 instantly off your next purchase. To sign up with Robbie Tarpley text 53Ivan to 40213.

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