What’s Going on in the Good Ole USA?

By Joe Darby

Well, friends, I’ve recently been writing my usual fare, columns on nostalgia, history and other interesting (I hope) topics that some of you may enjoy.

But this week I think it’s about time for me to get serious again and compose one of my relatively rare columns on politics.

These days I never cease to be amazed at what’s really going on in this country. And in the world, for that matter.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Green New Deal, proposed by some of the new ultra left-wing democrats who have become media stars in recent times? The top star is U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, who has shown incredible ignorance of how things really work in the real world. But she’d be a whole column in herself, so I’m getting back her and her colleagues’ ideas..

First, let me say that when I first learned of the GND, it I was pretty amazed and then I just started to laugh. What planet are these people from?

The GND proposed, within 10 years, to rid us of almost all air travel, get rid of our millions of cows because they pass gas and pollute the air with methane, refurbish every, yes every, building in the United States to make it more environmentally friendly, guarantee a job for everyone who is either unable or — get this — unwilling — to work. Oh, yeah, they also want to have 100 percent of our energy come from renewable sources, so there goes all of our oil, gas, coal and nuclear industries. That’s going to be a lot of folks without jobs.

All of this would of course, cost many, many trillions of dollars in addition to simply wrecking our economy. So when the plan forces us all to declare bankruptcy, I don’t know where those trillions would come from in tax money.

The new politicians, many calling them democratic socialists, also want to establish what they call Medicare for All. Now what that would do is put the government in complete charge of all health care, doing away entirely with the private insurance industry. Of course Medicare for All will cost additional trillions and trillions of dollars. When one of the new lefties, Sen. Kamala Harris of California, who wants to be your next president, was asked about the cost of these programs, she replied by saying, “The cost is not the question…” then went on to spout the party line. I say, “Well, yeah, senator, the cost is really the question.”

But what the heck do I know?

Let’s go back to the Democrat’s plan to get rid of air travel. They would replace it by building lots of high speed railroads. I have nothing against high speed railroads. They’d probably be nice. But here’s what happened when California tried to set up a high speed rail line between Sacramento and Los Angeles, via San Francisco. They’ve had to cancel the project because its overall cost has jumped from about $44 billion to more than $70 billion and it wouldn’t be completed until some time in the 2039s.

Multiply those costs and delays for what a national high speed rail line would entail and we’re probably talking about a network that would cost oh, say a trillion or two, and be completed by 2080, maybe. I don’t know how our travelers would get around in the meantime, but heck, I’m sure the all knowing new lefties would come up with something. Maybe skateboards. Couldn’t go back to horses because they would leave too much poop in the streets and we certainly can’t continue to use those horrible polluting cars and trucks.

I don’t know. This is certainly boggling this old geezer’s mind. I’m old fashioned. I thought we elected people to propose intelligent remedies to our nation’s problems. Ideas that would benefit the country, you see. So I despair for our country. I don’t think Donald Trump is the answer. To me, he’s still the bully-in-chief. And who knows what shenanigans he may or may not have gotten up to that we may still learn about?

I hate to end on a gloomy note, though. So let’s think about something nice. Baseball season will soon be here, as will spring. The flowers will blossom. The birds will sing. People will fall in love and babies will be born. And maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her friends will just decide to go away, retiring to a nice commune in California, or the Bahamas. Maybe.

8 thoughts on “What’s Going on in the Good Ole USA?

  1. I think President Trump is terrific. Well, unless you like unemployment, a sagging economy, open borders, giving Iran $billions, selling machineguns to the Mexican drug cartels, destroying the US healthcare system, corruption out the yazoo, selling uranium to the Russians, and other bad stuff…you would agree.

    • Harry, I have read your comment, and maybe I’ve been on medication a bit too long, but I don’t understand what you are saying exactly. I think your comment could be interpreted two ways. I think you are saying the POTUS is doing a great job unless people like the shenanigans of the previous administration and Hillary. At least I think, and hope that is what you mean, because all of the things you mention can all be put at the feet of those people. But if anyone wants to do some twisting of your words, which has been known to happen often in our world, it could mean that you think the POTUS is doing a great job if you like unemployment, etc. So please tell me that you mean the first interpretation, please! If Harry’s words were clear to everyone except me, please I just got out of a two week stay in bed with fever and the worst strep throat known to man, or woman. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

      Great column, Joe!

  2. If you’re an old fogey and not just a faux-watcher, you are as proud as I am of living in THE MOST powerful nation that has ever existed. Think about how many generations of people came before us and looked up into the night sky at the moon. We went there. I mean WOW.

    We used to be a country that set huge expensive goals and achieved them. We need to use that same national spirit to attack climate change: we owe it to our children and grandchildren so they have a livable world too.

    Don’t believe anyone who says that that is a too lofty goal or too expensive. We CAN do it! We are the most powerful nation in the world. It’s time to have aspirations and visions to match our capabilities.

    • Lily, I think I am an old fogey who is also very proud of his country. I have nothing against lofty goals, but the GND is just a horrible set of ideas and not the right way to tackle environmental problems. And it would indeed devastate the economy. Thanks for reading and your comment.

      • Then tell us, what is the right way to tackle environmental problems. Because we have ignored environmental problems for too long. Leaders, lawmakers, and all the rest of us have to make a commitment – to rely less on fossil fuels, to stop dumping waste into landfills and get serious about recycling, to stop the pollution of our air, soil, and water, and to reduce the chemicals that are destroying the ozone layer. My ancestors left my generation an earth that is becoming more and more toxic. I hope my generation will do better so my kids, grand-kids, and great grand-kids can enjoy this amazing planet as it is meant to be.

      • It would NOT devastate the economy. Have you read the GND? It’s an economic stimulus package.

        Or, what about these facts? In 2018, there were 14 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States. These events included 1 drought event, 8 severe storm events, 2 tropical cyclone events, 1 wildfire event, and 2 winter storm events. Overall, these events resulted in the deaths of 247 people and had significant economic effects on the areas impacted. The 1980–2018 annual average is 6.2 events (CPI-adjusted); the annual average for the most recent 5 years (2014–2018) is 12.6 events (CPI-adjusted). During 2018, the U.S. experienced an active year of billion-dollar disaster events including the 4th highest total number of events, only behind the years 2017, 2011 and 2016. In 2018, the U.S. also experienced the 4th highest total costs ($91 billion) only behind the years 2017, 2005 and 2012. Source: https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/billions/

        The money is already being spent after climate disasters; why not plan ahead and in ways that fix things and stimulate the economy? This is AMERICA! We can solve these problems!

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