Letter to the Editor: LATA conference

I am writing to express my appreciation for the hospitality of the city of Natchitoches led by the Natchitoches tax commission. The excellent service of the Chateau St Denis and Church Street Inn was a delight to the out of parish administrators and staff along with the numerous representatives from businesses who were able to spend a few days in your community.

The event center is a great facility which provided a clean, updated, and comfortable site for our training sessions and meetings. The displays of local history accented conversations with employees who were both friendly and talkative as they spoke of the varied delights of this historic city.

Wednesday evenings fireworks display was a complete surprise and something that we haven’t experienced in the 40+ years of LATA conferences. As a resident of Shreveport who has made numerous trips for the Festival of Lights, this provided a great teaser for these visitors from across the state.

Food! Oh my! Catering from Lasyone’s provided a great showing for local cuisine during the conference events. Savory Meat pies and the Cajun shrimp dressing were notably amazing though the sandwiches, gumbo, and other fare were also tasty and enjoyable. Numerous of my colleagues spoke highly of other meals on 2nd and Front Street along with our spouses who also enjoyed the unique style of your local retailers.

Thanks again for your hospitality! I’m looking forward to my next visit!

Todd Nichols
Shreveport, Louisiana

3 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: LATA conference

  1. Fireworks display was a surprise? We’re surprised when the city doesn’t waste money on it! We shoot off fireworks for just about anything and everything ’round here.

  2. It makes me so happy when someone shows the same love for Natchitoches hospitality that I have. There is no place like home (and Lasyone’s meat pies)!!

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