Title: Candidacy Announcement: Nick Wright, Parish President

My name is Nick Wright and I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for Natchitoches Parish President. Having spent my childhood between Natchitoches and Branson, I am familiar with tourism as well as road construction. My father was a concrete layer supervisor.

Now, more than ever, Natchitoches Parish needs ethical leadership. I am all in. I have leadership experience in the military and administrative experience through my education.

During the next 4-year term, Natchitoches Parish will deal with many important issues including paving the roads and parish economic development. In addition, the conducting of an audit, locality development, and cost-cutting management procedures will be my passion. In addition, we have a fiscal crisis building up in the Road Maintenance Fund.

I will work with the Parish Council to forge a direction of rational growth. I believe committedly that the good times will roll.

Also, I think it is time for a communal long-term parish charrette to generate visions of the future from the citizens’ collective wisdom.

As I close, I believe that Natchitoches Parish is at the dawning of an incredible boom. Once elected, I will work with the Parish Council to adjust millage rates to reflect demographic changes.

I am open to comments, questions, and ideas at (318) 527-6656 or email me at wnicholas2222@yahoo.com


Nicholas R. Wright, Ph.D. candidate

Education and Qualifications
-B.A. in government and political science
-Master’s in public administration
-Ph.D. candidate in public policy and administration/ minor: global leadership
-Five years U.S. Army infantry team leader
-Cenla Board Builders/ Class of 2018

Personal and Community

-Member of Congregation Gemiluth Chassodim
-Member of St. Augustine Catholic Church
-Membership in the Creole Heritage Center, the Holy Name Society, and St. —Augustine Historical Society
-Board Member for St. Augustine Historical Society

7 thoughts on “Title: Candidacy Announcement: Nick Wright, Parish President

  1. Mr. Wright states “now, more than ever, the parish is in need of ethical leadership.” Is he implying that Mr. Nowlin is unethical? I know Mr. Nowlin, as an acquaintance, and have spoken with him on occasion about the needs of the parish. I have no concerns about his being “unethical.”

    While I do not always agree with Mr. Nowlin in his decisions, likewise, Mr. Posey as mayor, I find both to be easily approachable and transparent.

    However! it is good for Mr. Wright, and others, to seek the office. The worst thing is for any incumbent to go unchallenged and win re-election by default. Let us hope the candidates will shy away from name-calling and unfounded allegations, and just debate the issues. For instance, what would Mr. Wright do differently than Mr. Nowlin?

  2. My husband and I know Nick, and he is a really kind and intelligent young man. I know that he will do a good job for the parish if elected, he has a thoughtful nature, he’s respectful, and he’s aware of needs of our parish. You would not go wrong by electing this young man to parish presidency.

  3. Thank you Christine for giving me the opportunity to clarify my response. I am very well aware of the following:
    in the New Testament after the birth of Jesus and during His ministry, His followers’ mission was to spread the gospel that the Messiah had come and that salvation was available for Jews as well as gentiles;
    There are many Christian Jews who have accepted Jesus as Messiah.
    My question was just out of curiosity how this candidate is a member of a Catholic Church AND a Jewish congregation that is practicing the Jewish faith apart from the Christian Faith. Those 2 things have an extremely different view of Jesus.
    I am further aware of his educational accomplishments which may be an asset as a candidate for this race.
    *As a voting member of the community, I choose to look at the religious affiliation of a candidate. It is my privilege to include this in my decision to vote.

    • Certainly it is your privilege to do so, Elizabeth. Nick is compassionate and kind as well as intelligent and educated. I hope you have a chance to speak with him in person to gain the answers you seek. I, too, believe that his terminal degree is a huge plus. Nick Wright’s announcement of his candidacy is quite well written; I find him astute and visionary. I’m on board!

    • Elizabeth…..we share the same concerns about this candidate. I’ll stay away. Looks like chaos to me.

    • I look forward to Nik’s response in hope of enlightening you and others about inclusiveness and diversity and the Constitutional right of freedom to choose how we worship. I’m guessing you are focused on the distillation (particularly among Southern Baptists) that Jews killed the Christos, and you may be wondering how one practicing Judaism can worship in a Christian church. The Old Testament is based upon the Hebrew Bible (or Tanakh), a collection of ancient religious writings by the Israelites believed by most Christians and religious Jews to be the sacred Word of God. Many teachings, e.g., forgiveness are very important in both religions. It is not incongruent to be a Christian Jew. In the earliest stage the Christian community was made up of Jews who believed that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. Also, there is a separation of church and state in the U.S., so I’m curious about church membership being the first question for a political candidate.

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