City Council approves new Finance Director

Debbie Miley was appointed as the City’s new finance director at the City Council meeting Monday night, March 11, despite objections from Council member Sylvia Morrow. Morrow said Mayor Lee Posey never spoke to her personally about hiring Miley. Morrow said she had “information” regarding Miley, but when asked Morrow refused to give any details, saying she’d speak to the mayor about it at a later date. She said she visited with Parish Council members and “did her own investigational work,” and based on her “documentation,” she didn’t feel comfortable voting on the appointment.

Posey said the people he talked to in the Parish Government gave him an overwhelmingly positive response regarding Miley. “I feel very confident we’re hiring the right person for the right job at this particular time,” he said. Council member Eddie Harrington said he talked with Parish employees as well, who were all very distraught to lose Miley. “That to me says a lot and I think she’ll be a great asset.”

The vote was 4:1 with Morrow voting against the appointment.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work for a new opportunity,” said Miley.

In other business, Harold Foster came before the Council regarding the renewal of a lease of a lot/hangar at the Natchitoches Regional Airport. There was debate over insurance, ownership and an “assignment of lease” document that was never produced. Mayor Posey said the Council needed to digest the information they were given, get some guidance on which way to move forward, and get back to Foster regarding the matter.

Infrastructure was the nature of another agenda item. Change Order No. 2 to the contract between the City and Regional Construction added $302,181 to the 2017-2018 Street Rehabilitation Program Phase 2 project, bringing the revised contract total to $4.1 million.

Mayor Posey said every time workers dig up a street they uncover more things.

“We’re trying to do things correctly because there’s some things from the past that have come back to haunt us,” he said. “I hate it. I don’t like it. We’ve run into some sink holes around town (Ledet Drive, near the Catholic Cemetery, Royal and Beaufort, and on Winonna). It’s taking a lot of time and money to fix it. It’s gonna be good when it’s through.”

Other agenda items included:

Resolution proclaiming March 28, 2019 as Blind Veterans Day in the City of Natchitoches
Ordinance (FINAL) to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with Waterworks District 1 and Sheriff Victor Jones regarding the office facility, boat house and related piers and docks
Ordinance (FINAL) to enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Historic District Business Association

The next scheduled City Council meeting will be Monday, March 25

6 thoughts on “City Council approves new Finance Director

  1. Ms Morrow has a legitimate concern about Ms Miley hire on city. Why did she resign from Parish Governmnt to go to the city? Was she the only qualified person for this position, or was she promised this job because of the problems at Parish Government? Why there never a person of color ever considered for positions as this?? Ms Morrow has the right to question of any hire as a council member, at least you know she’s there and not quietly sitting thru everything being passed.

  2. there is a certain village in the parish that won’t let the residents look
    at records also and yet it should be made public.I wonder what they are
    hiding ? 25 bux for a Xerox ? do they think they are a lawyers office ?

  3. Second attempt…I posted that the city budget should be made public, like posted online for all to see. That post never appeared, so I am trying again.

    • Okay, thanks. Now to add to my comments, someone told me it cost $25 to get a copy of the city budget. It shouldn’t cost anything to post it online, the city has a website already. Transparency, please.

  4. Is Sylvia Morrow on prescription meds ? I thought she was let go from the
    city council all she does is complain and interfere.If you have more people
    for the hiring than against isn’t the issue you ?
    And blind veterans day ?? A veteran is a veteran.

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