Natchitoches Named The South’s Best Small Town in Louisiana by Southern Living

NACVB—Natchitoches was voted The South’s Best Small Town in Every State for Louisiana by Southern Living Magazine for the second year in a row.

“This is an incredible honor to receive for the second year in a row as the Best Small Town in Louisiana,” said Arlene Gould, Natchitoches Convention & Visitors Bureau Executive Director. “Southern Living is a Southern staple and to be recognized by the publication is a great accolade that we cherish.”

22 thoughts on “Natchitoches Named The South’s Best Small Town in Louisiana by Southern Living

  1. how small does the town have to be to win ? Heck Mamou is a lot of fun on weekends,fun little bar only open on Saturdays,great food and huge casino on edge of town .

  2. you can’t even pain your house or do an add on without an act from god
    in the historic area but you can put an ugly building up if you have enough money.

    • I agree with that. I no longer have a house in the historic district, when I did I tried to cooperate and follow the rules. Yes, even getting permission to paint my own house. Which I did get approval. But when they built that hideous building I said, and I say, if I ever own property in the district I will be darn if I seek permission to do anything.

  3. there Is nothing to do here for retired people,onle lousy run down golf course,out of date movie theatre you pretty much have to travel north or south to do any good shopping or dining.I seriously believe without NSU and X-mas festival we would just be dust in the wind…the local government and old money are afraid of growth and like things to stay the same.We could and would love a Target,better places to to eat.Walmart has no competition here and if you love fried food or burgers this is utopia !

    • As has been stated Natchitoches tries to be everything to everyone and as a result fails at it all. Or, to be fair, is not very good at anything. If the city made up its mind to truly focus on one aspect, like, be a real retirement community, then maybe it could succeed at it. But that would mean angering others, like you, who call for more things for the youth to do. Personally, I would be happy if the police would simply enforce the law. That would help.

    • Be patient Matt, the city is building us a sports complex and most likely the city will build the indoor pool. Sit back and watch Steel Magnolias again and try to remember it is not really still 1985.

  4. Compared to other towns in La. is the key here. Most small towns do not have a university symphony or active art community. The lovely riverbank Front St., with brick main street is a knockout!

  5. there is nothing here for kids or teens to do,movie theatre is beyond out dated,only a select few good places to eat only if you can afford it and a hall of fame building that stands out like a sore thumb how did that get past historical society ?? If you want great food and better shopping you have to drive 45 to 60 minutes north or south to get it.Natchitoches is afraid of growth
    and there are a lot of chances of growth along I-49.

    • I agree about the Hall of Fame building, the exterior. Never should have allowed such an ugly structure in the historic district of old Natchitoches. Huge fail by those in charge. Now, the interior is okay. And I don’t think the Hall of Fame has helped tourism very much. Natchitoches sold its soul to the state to keep the Sports H of F and got nothing but an eye-sore for its trouble.

      As for the rest, I think one of Natch’s problems is it doesn’t have a true sense of itself. The city is trying to be a little bit of everything: it’s a college town, it’s a retirement town, it’s a tourist destination, it’s a “let’s host youth sports” town, it’s a regular Southern town…problem is when you try to be so many different things, you end up not being good at any of them.

      • True, what architect/designer would draw this up & present it to a committee for a “historic district”, and what committee would approve it? Probably the same bunch pushing for an indoor city pool (has anyone ever driven past the current one on a hot summer day?). The only thing to help that eyesore would be a bulldozer.

  6. I met my fiance (who is a resident here) through our mutual friend in California. When I came down last summer I fell in love with the town. It felt like home. He made trips up to Ohio and was prepared to move but I voted for Natchitoches.
    Every town has its issues. (I was an ER nurse and our drugs issues were horrible) You have to take the good with the bad. I find the residents friendly and love the history. Feel like I have always belonged in Louisiana.
    I find something new and special every time we go for a walk. I can see why it was voted as best small town.

  7. Not to be a spoil sport, but who did the people at Southern Living ask? It doesn’t sound like they asked actual residents from all the socio-economic groups here. So is it a great place to visit or great place to live? There are good things about our town and bad things. Just like any small, rural, Southern town: pretty, old houses, some local festivals and cultural events, the benefits of having a university in town. And while we still have the charm of a small town, we’re beginning to have some big-city problems – rising crime rate, school system in serious trouble, lack of affordable housing for all income levels, drugs transported along the interstate and sometimes into our neighborhoods, sub-par roads, unemployment, racial discrimination and tension… Staying for a weekend is far different from living here.

  8. The cultural and educational resources available at NSU help to set Natchitoches apart. Public education and race relations need serious attention.

  9. I wonder if they know about all the crime here? Shootings daily, drugs a plenty, a drop out rate of over 50%… Who did we pay to get this award?

    • what sort of attractions to do ? hall of fame building that looks awkward
      and out of place.Christmas festival that’s over priced,Jazz festival is the best festival of them all and their main baby is the stupid bricks on front street while the rest of the streets collapse .

    • taxes, roads, traffic, number of emergency vehicles runs and no enforcement of traffic laws must not have been part of the criteria.

  10. would love to know what this is based on ? weekend getaway,retirement ?
    there is nothing to do here except overly hyped festival,a movie about a dying woman.

    • Matt, sometimes you crack me up. Movie about dying woman…. Never thought of it that way, but I guess you’re right.

    • Joke? Nah! Yeah Natchitoches has its faults but it also has a lot going for it too. Just makes you wonder about those other towns Natchitoches beat out, woe!

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