Campti Mayor delcared DISQUALIFIED; Office of Mayor declared VACANT


Defendat, Mozella Jeanetter Bell, is delcared DISQUALIFIED from holding the Office of May of the Town of Campti pursuant to La. R.S. 18:581(3)

The Office of Mayor for the Town of Campti be and is hereby declared VACANT and that this vacancy be filled in accordance with the provisions of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and the Lawrason Act…


The Judgement of the Court may be appealed suspensively within five (5) days after the signing of the judgement.  See below

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7 thoughts on “Campti Mayor delcared DISQUALIFIED; Office of Mayor declared VACANT

  1. This is SAD! Finally the town had someone trying to make a difference and clean the town up! I moved away many years ago because of the condition that the town was headed! Hold your head up Baby, you started strong and ended with Grace!

  2. this is all Campti’s fault they knew and allowed her to run.Mrs.Bell is truly the winner here,she actually wanted to make campti better if that’s possible.

  3. Can Ms. Bell move to Campti and then run again for mayor? There shouldn’t be any legality preventing it, but politically the voters may consider her to “be damaged goods.” This is a shame. I think she would have done a good job for the town.

  4. you are the winner here Mrs.Bell.This is Camptis fault and not yours
    they allowed this to happen,hell I live in a Village where the police chief doesn’t live in town,these towns will make the rules as they go and as they

    • Honestly she is not. The application clearly states that the candidate must have lived in the city limits one year prior. She knew she was not qualified but she could sneak through the side door with a faulty address. If anyone wants to be taken seriously as mayor the first item should not be breaking the rules to run for office.

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