School Board hears success stories for school based health center/grade banding, four-day school week idea denied

An agenda item to consider conducting a study of a Four Day School Week for the 2019-2020 school year dies for lack of a second at Thursday night’s School Board meeting, March 14. There were some who were in favor of the study and many voiced their opinions. Chamber President Laura Lyles delivered a statement on behalf of the A+ Coalition (SEE DOCUMENT BELOW).

However, another agenda item was approved to form a committee to study retention strategies for NPSB employees. On a more positive note, the school board received updates on the success of the school based health center run by the Outpatient Medical Center and the success of the grade banding initiatives in several areas including school culture, social and emotional culture, academics, and professional development.

Regarding teacher retention strategies, principals offered up some of the top requests, which included smaller class sizes, effective ISS teachers (in school suspension), pay raises across the board, and additional elective teachers that can help with other duties on campus without additional employee cuts.

The board also approved a request from Board member Emile Metoyer to conduct a study to obtain a quote on the cost to remodel Cloutierville school. They also ask to gather an accurate count of how many parents would be interested in sending their children back to the school. In order to consider remodeling the school, there has to be enough students willing to attend.

Other approved agenda items included:

Award bid for asbestos abatement and demolition of old Magnet School. Superintendent Dale Skinner said there may be funding available to compensate the district for this cost and will have an answer within a month.
Adopt authorized millage rates and taxes for 2019
Approve 2019-2020 School Calendar
Grant permission to solicit bids for all Natchitoches Parish District 9 improvements on the recent Bond Proposal
Approve policy to drug test new hires as a condition of employment

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  1. Has any money been put into Natchitoches Central H.S.? I thought that some of the new tax revenues generated from the tax increase were going towards the high school. I haven’t heard about any projects being proposed or completed at the high school.

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