4-day School Week: Survey Results

Would you support a 4-day school week in Natchitoches Parish?

1,836 1,359 3,195
57.46% 42.54% 100.00%

Would you support a 4-day school week if it meant longer days Tuesday – Friday?

1,608 1,587 3,195
50.33% 49.67% 100.00%

Would you support Monday as the day off each week?

1,567 1,628 3,195
49.05% 50.95% 100.00%

If required, can you secure daycare for the week day that school is not in session?

1,828 1,367 3,195
56.32% 43.68% 100.00%

Not a scientific survey.  Just the opinions of those that elected to participate in the survey at the moment they submitted the form.

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15 thoughts on “4-day School Week: Survey Results

  1. I do not know why with the city growing and parish why Natchitoches hasn’t
    built another high school yet ? Central is over crowded and St,Marys is over
    priced they need another high school somewhere west of the city.They had
    to know the population is growing,hell look at the 2 tiny bridges at 5 oclock
    takes forever to cross over them.

  2. This topic was never never second motion at the school board meeting. Just give the teachers and everyone else a raise and it wouldn’t be a problem to keep teachers.

  3. Children are being picked up right now at 5:50 a.m. and they don’t get home until after 5 p.m. how much longer do you want to keep these kids, be picked up at 5 a.m. and dropped off at 7 p.m., this parish is too big for this it won’t work

  4. take them out of school and home school them,teach them to work 12-14 hr days and how hard life is without an education .Make them understand that if they don’t eat their meat they can’t have any Pudding !!

  5. These kids need to go to school five days a week. They already don’t go have the time cause school always letting out for something. Go to school Monday threw Friday..

  6. Yeah don’t like the results? Just ignore it. To the one that knows the teachers, do you know everyone of them? Typical Natchitoches DNA. SMH

  7. How many people who voted have children currently in school or will have a child in school in the future?

    • This is about the business of education not if an opinion is valid based on offspring. Someday you won’t have kids in school and just like that your opinion won’t matter? That’s silly.

  8. I bet every phone, tablet, and computer at every Natchitoches School was voted on multiple times. Teachers are the only ones that would be for this…

  9. Ain’t no way most of these parents don’t have money for daycare now no way they said they can provide it

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