Letter to the Editor: Rev. Mark Megason

Concerning the ½ percent tax on the March 30, 2019 Election:

When I first started checking into Parish Roads, I was very mad at Mr. Nowlin and the Home Rule Charter. They were said to be mis-using parish money. I bad mouthed them a lot. I did this because of listening to unproven allocations I was hearing. I was wrong!

The facts are listed in Thursday’s, March 14, 2019 Edition of the Natchitoches Times.

Adding to these facts would be:
1. Old ancient roads.
2. Too much rain, heat, and cold.
3. Our hard heads; (No more taxes regardless)
4. Wrong facts spread by well meaning people.

The Police Jury was not doing the job and was replaced with Home Rule Charter with the same funds. Neither system can work without more money. Either one of them would have worked with enough money to do the job. Going back to the Old Police Jury would be a costly mistake we need to avoid.

When we send troops aboard to fight, we give them rifles to fight with, but if we don’t pay for shells for their guns, they are helpless. We must provide money for shells. Please stop listening to unproven gossip. None of these people are under investigation for crimes, why are they portrayed as villains and liars.

We hired and voted them in office to do what we cannot do. Let’s help them do that! Inside the city limits of Natchitoches Parish are maxed out on their taxes; that’s why this is a Rural Parish Tax Only. We better get the tax for roads before it goes elsewhere.

If we vote down this tax, we will really come to know how bad roads can get.

Thank You,

Rev. Mark Megason

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10 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Rev. Mark Megason

  1. Good letter.
    I believe Mr Nowlin is doing his best with the hand he was dealt. The problem is voting for taxes has been picemealed over years and it may be time to stand back look at the whole list at once and where the money going. It would certainly be hard the defend the priorities on the list Mr Nowlin shared recently

  2. I just want to know where the 84% of state tax dollars that are given to special interest groups comes into play for our state infrastructure. Just sayin’….

    • Special interest groups? Where? Who? I thought it was the other way around. Special interest groups reward elected officials who vote for legislation in their favor, right?

  3. As I keep saying, tax those that can afford to be taxed. They just got a HUGE tax break. I’m rural and didn’t get that HUGE break. Well, let ’em use some of their free money to pay their fair share.

    • Who can “afford to be taxed?” Who gets to decide that? Who says what their “fair share” is? Just because someone earns more money than you doesn’t mean they should pay more for services. How is that remotely fair? When you go to Walmart do you demand to pay $2 a gallon for milk and “they” have to pay $3 for the same product?

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