Tourist Commission talks about conferences, new app, Steel Magnolia Celebration

By Holly Penta

The Natchitoches Parish Tourist Commission held its monthly Commission meeting on March 19. Once the meeting was called to order a guest from the Natchitoches Event Center spoke and told the commission about upcoming events and conferences that will visit and bring income to Natchitoches including the Louisiana Counsel for Social Studies, which will be visiting Natchitoches for the first time in October. Next, the council discussed the budget. Although the amount of taxes collected during February was lower than in January and the overall expenses and loss was higher than usual, the commission expects to receive a grant from the Office of Tourism that should balance the budget within the next couple of weeks.

There is a new app for both residents and tourists of Natchitoches. It’s called “Go Natchitoches” and will compile dates of events from many organizations in the city including LSMSA, the Chamber of Commerce, the Cane River National Heritage Area, Northwestern State University, and the Tourist Office. The app will give people one big calendar to keep up to date about events going on in all parts of Natchitoches. The app is available now, and though there are still a few bugs, the app will be updated soon to make it even more useful for everyone.

The committee also discussed a few proposals. The local El Camino Real group, along with the surrounding parishes and counties, has made a request to the national board to become an official chapter. This request was made in conjunction with the surrounding parishes and counties. The group aims to mark and maintain the trail while educating people about the related history.

A celebration of films that take place in or were filmed in Natchitoches will be held Nov. 8-14. Steel Magnolias will of course be a highlight and will return to Parkway Cinemas to be seen on the big screen. A Film Tour will also be unveiled. The tour will highlight important settings in these movies and provide photo-ops. Planning is underway and further details will be available within the next couple of months.

The next Natchitoches Parish Tourist Commission meeting has been moved to April 23. It will take place in the Tourist Office, located at at 780 Front St, Suite 100.

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