Natchitoches Central Band Achievement

The Natchitoches Central High School Band attended the Louisiana Music Educators Association District II Large Ensemble Assessment March 22 at Northwestern State University. The NCHS Band achieved Excellent ratings in the concert portion and Superior ratings in the sight-reading portion of the assessment. The students worked hard for this achievement, and their scores improved since the previous year, which was the first time that the NCHS Band participated in this event in over a decade.

4 thoughts on “Natchitoches Central Band Achievement

  1. Congratulations to NCHS Band! Does everyone know that NSU Middle Lab Orchestra also performed there, and also received top scores? They just returned from New York, as well, from playing at Carnegie Hall!

  2. I know I spent many an afternoon on the practice field, on the concrete field by Prather, as well as the NSU football field getting ready for halftime performances and competitions. I truely enjoyed those days and nights. I’m so glad that someone is taking time out to try to rekindle the flames of a dying art of music, and musical instruments. I pray this is the beginning of many years and new blood starting. Prayers to all involved.

  3. Bravo! Its so nice to see NCHS Band in competitions again! Thanks to who ever (director?)is
    the driving force to challenge the students again. I was in a high school , and University band
    long ago, not here, and without goals students tend to stagnate. Keep up the good work.
    I hope you try to compete in the Marching Contest next year.

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