“Building a Better World, One House at a Time” The Fuller Center Breaks Ground!

The Natchitoches chapter of The Fuller Center for Housing broke ground on a soon to be new home Saturday, March 23rd. Future homeowner Stephanie Metoyer was joined by her family members and local Fuller Center volunteers in turning the first shovelfuls of dirt at the homesite in the city. The home will join four others previously built in our Natchitoches by the Fuller Center.

The Fuller Center for Housing is a faith based non profit that opened in 2005. They currently operate in 70 communities in the United States as well as 20 countries. Their mission is to partner with individuals in need of housing and assist them in achieving their goals. The homes are built with volunteer labor. The framing for this house was put together by a church in Indiana and shipped to Natchitoches where the NSU Basketball team and Coach McConathy helped unload the materials. The homeowner will put in 300 hours of labor in building alongside the community volunteers. The Fuller Center does everything possible to keep the cost of materials and land down so the greatest number of people may become partners in homebuilding. The homeowner signs an interest free mortgage to repay the costs incurred. The Fuller Center makes no profit from the sale. In fact, the payments are turned around and used to build more homes. The homeowners are actually helping other people achieve their dreams when they make every mortgage payment.

The Fuller Center is a superb organization that is making our community a better place. This will be their fifth home built since they started. They are men and women of every race and background who saw a need and are doing something about it. If you would like to donate, volunteer or otherwise assist the men and women of the Fuller Center for Housing change lives and make our community better, please contact Jim Roberts at 318-554-8225.

One thought on ““Building a Better World, One House at a Time” The Fuller Center Breaks Ground!

  1. I would like to make a minor correction: the house wall panels were built, donated, and shipped to the Natchitoches Fuller Center, along with a cash donation by The church of the Good Shepherd in
    Palos Heights Il. This gift will save us much time in construction and cost of materials.
    Jim Roberts, Pres. NFC

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