Rayburn Smith – Superior Livestock Cattle Auction April 4-5 in Natchitoches

LIVE from the Natchitoches Event Center

Superior Livestock will auction 57,100 head of cattle at the Gulf Coast Classic Cattle Auction April 4-5 beginning at 7:30 am at the Events Center in Natchitoches. This year the sale encompasses two days because there’s too many cattle for a single day, according to Superior Livestock’s Regional Representative for Louisiana, Rayburn Smith.

A sunrise begins at 7:30 am, and the auction will begin at 8 am. Over 500 cattlemen from across the country will attend the live video auction which will feature calves on cows, feeder cattle, weaned cattle, and bred stock cattle. All cattle will remain on the farm until delivery.

This event is called the “Gulf Coast Classic” because it features Southern cattle. The sale includes around 14,000 cattle from Louisiana, around 8,000 from Florida, and many from other regions. This includes:

350 holsteins
14,675 yearling steers
10,300 yearling heifers
11,875 weaned calves
19,050 calves on cows
850 bred stock

The auction is usually held in larger cities like Fort Worth. Bringing this many people from states like Montana, South Dakota, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana is great for the City of Natchitoches

The cattle auction is being broadcast live online at SuperiorLivestock.com.

For more information, please contact Rayburn Smith at (318) 471-2773 or Emily Smith at (318) 471-2771.