Natchitoches Police seek the public’s help to identify suspect

The Natchitoches Police Department needs the public’s assistance in locating a suspect who abandoned a puppy outside the Natchitoches Animal Shelter on April 2 at 7:10 am.

Officers were able to make out the last numbers of vehicle’s license plate as 470. If you have any information about the subject or this vehicle please call the Natchitoches Animal Shelter at (318)357-3885 or NPD at (318)352-8101. All calls shall remain confidential.

To surrender or drop off an animal you must come between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Friday and leave it in the hands of an animal control officer. Surrendering fees are $5 per animal for city residents and $15 per animal for non-residence.

Abandoning an animal is a form of animal cruelty and is punishable by law.

19 thoughts on “Natchitoches Police seek the public’s help to identify suspect

  1. Proof that I have feelings? Emotions can’t be measured by a standardized test. Emotions and intelligence originate in 2 separate parts of the brain. But if you’re insinuating something about my intelligence, I suggest you have a conversation with me before you make any judgement.

  2. So it’s legal to abandon a human child at a fire station but not legal to leave a puppy at the animal shelter?

      • yes lady J.I do apologize,i just read about robbery at Super 1.
        how the heck are you ? I thought we were going for drinks.

  3. I agree. Things like this seem unimportant to some people compared to other crimes. And it is if all you do is compare crime vs. crime. But where do you draw the line? Someone running a red light and putting other drivers at risk is not as bad as an actual murder, so should a police officer who sees a red light runner say well, he didn’t actually murder someone, no big deal.

  4. Maybe shift the hours of the shelter….10-4, really? Sounds like banking hours. Maybe it would be better to have hours that extend past 5 for those folks that work.

    • I am not condoning leaving an animal unattended….just making a suggestion to make it easier for folks to drop off animals.

      • The 10:00 start time may be because someone has to feed, clean cages, give the dogs some exercise, do paperwork, stock up on supplies, etc. Without volunteers, animal shelters like ours are are pushed to the limit with this parish’s unwanted animals. The parish needs a cat shelter. And the parish should support the Trap Neuter Return program the Natchitoches Humane Society is trying to launch. The TNR program has been successful in Shreveport/Bossier and in thousands of communities around the US and the world. Google it!

    • Always someone else’s fault. Let me guess. All the shooting in town are because there aren’t enough after school programs. Or all the robberies are because of low minimum wage. Should I keep going?

      • OK, true. But name other reasons for shootings and robberies. And then offer solutions. Maybe you can be the person who leads this community in a better direction.

  5. All the freaking crime in the City and Parish and we’re wasting time on this? At least they dropped it off at the shelter and not on a highway. So now let the silly and outrageous commenting begin from those that think this crime rates up there with armed robbery and murder. SMH

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