School Board discusses teacher appreciation, bus drivers will discuss issues with ECCO

The Natchitoches Parish School Board authorized Superintendent Dale Skinner to hire subs to give teachers a free period off from lunch duty during Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10. The board also discussed support for teachers during testing.

Board member Steve Harris tabled an agenda item to discuss a retention plan for ECCO school bus drivers.

A bus monitor spoke to the board about some of the things ECCO employees would like to see change including a more consistent pay scale, lack of support from the teachers, and a lack of satisfaction with the pay they’re getting. ECCO Manager Jason Edwards will hold a meeting Friday morning, April 5, at 9 am at the School Board Office’s Media Center with an ECCO representative on Skype. The meeting was broadcast to all drivers, so they can attend the meeting and address the issues they have.

Other agenda items included:

Financial Management/School Accounting Software, which is about 15 years old according to Foshee ($182,000).

Weaver HVAC/lighting revisions ($910,000).

East Natchitoches HVAC/lighting revisions ($632,000).

LP Vaughn HVAC/lighting revisions ($997,990).

Discuss education for new board members on the 2018 tax
Consider a study for comprehensive drug testing for Natchitoches Parish School System

Approve resolution for increase in the 2019-2020 MFP and grant permission to the Superintendent to forward a copy of the resolution to each member of the Natchitoches Parish legislative delegation and to Governor John Bel Edwards

Approve a resolution in opposition of all proposed legislation that transfers the administration and collection of local sales and use taxes to the Louisiana Department of Revenue

10 thoughts on “School Board discusses teacher appreciation, bus drivers will discuss issues with ECCO

  1. It’s not the responsibility of the SB to listen to complaints from ECCO drivers, ECCO drivers are employees of ECCO not the SB. As long as the students get to and from school safely ECCO is not in violation of their contract with the SB. Again the usual SB members risking violation of State Law by getting involved with day to day operations of the school system.

  2. bus drivers mentioned pay twice,so why cant that get more money.
    they’re job is frustrating as heck ! screaming kids,spit balls,fights,gossip,
    lousy roads,etc…..

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