School Boards Members and Ecco Ride Show Appreciation for Bus Drivers

Pictured from left are Phelps, Dale Skinner, Rhonda Guidroz, Karen Sieber, Kimberly Solitare, Jason Edwards, Steven Harris, Eugene Garner and Ryan Johnson.

School Board Members Reba Phelps, Steven Harris, Eugene Garner and Rhonda Guidroz brought breakfast to the School Bus terminal for Ecco Ride drivers Monday, April 8 at 5:30 am. The purpose of the visit was to show support for the men and women who deliver Natchitoches Parish school children safely to school on a daily basis.

Also on hand was NPSB School Superintendent, Dale Skinner, as well as Ecco Ride Vice President Ryan Johnson and Director of Operations Karen Sieber. Both flew in from the Corporate Office located in Wisconsin.

The group greeted all drivers who reported to the terminal and encouraged them to enjoy breakfast before heading out for their daily routes.

It was business as usual amid talks that began Friday addressing various issues that surfaced during a meeting called Friday morning which threatened a walk-out of drivers.

“We contacted every driver to let them know they were needed and appreciated. Our company has a passion for safety, customer service and reliability,” said Ryan Johnson, Ecco Ride Vice President. “Have collectively over 75 years experience in the business and we sincerely appreciate all of our drivers.”

“At the end of the day school bus drivers are invaluable to our system and have been for decades. It is a complete blessing to see everyone working together with one goal in mind, which is the safe delivery of our children,” said Reba Phelps, District 6 School Board member.